Where can I find kitchen cabinet plans?

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    Jun 7, 2005
    I'm going to build cabinets for my kitchen and cannot seem to find any plans. Anyone know of any websites with plans?

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    Go to Home Depot or Lowes and grab thier book on cabinet making, it will get you started. The reason plans are hard to find is that cabinets are made using a set of known factors that any cab maker knows. The only unknown is the length basically. Of course there is always a project out there where the "knowns" are not so known.... lol

    By "known" factors I mean things like:
    Toe kicks are almost always X
    Height to counter top is almost always X
    Depth is almost always X
    and so on.

    Sinks and appliances come in standard sizes so it is easy to figure in the holes for them. ie ranges usually come in 19 through 40 inch sizes.

    Once you figure out the above the rest is just cutting plywood parts for the boxes and making your hardwood faces.

    Standard Dimensions of Wall Cabinets

    Depth (25" deep countertop) 12-1/4"
    Depth (30" deep countertop) 15"
    Height with full soffit 30"
    Height with no soffit 42"
    Height of cabinet above countertop 18"
    Height of cabinet above stove top 24"
    Height of highest shelf 60"-68"
    Width to match base cabinet

    Standard Dimensions of Base Cabinets

    Cabinet depth 24"
    Countertop depth (1" overlap) 25"
    Height from floor to countertop 36"
    Splashboard height 4"
    Kickspace height 4"
    Kickspace depth 3"
    Depth of drawer above cabinet doors 4"

    Standard Dimensions of Counters

    Countertop height 36"
    Counter length per person 21"
    Depth (one-sided seating) 15"
    Depth (two-sided seating) 30" min
    For the physically challenged:
    Countertop height 31"
    Under counter access width 30"
    Under counter access height 29-1/2"

    Standard Dimensions of Kitchen Appliances

    The dimensions of most appliances used for residential purposes in the U.S. fall within the ranges given below. Although these dimensions are useful for planning purposes, obtain actual measurements before starting cabinet construction. In general, major appliances are designed to fit beneath a 24 inch wide countertop.

    Appliance Height Width Depth
    Cooktop 2- 3" 12-48" 18-22"
    Dishwasher 33-35 23-24" 23-26"
    Microwave 13-18" 21-23" 14-22"
    Range, floor model 35-36" 19-40" 24-26"
    Range, w/ upper oven 61-68" 30-40" 25-28"
    Range, drop-in 23-24" 23-24" 22-25"
    Range hood 5-8" 24-72" 12-72"
    Refrigerator 55-69" 24-36" 26-33"
    Trash Compactor 33-35" 12-15" 18-24"
    Wall oven, single 23-25" 21-24" 21-23"
    Wall oven, double 39-50" 21-24" 21-23"
    Wall oven with broiler 38-40" 21-24" 21-23"

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    Nov 23, 2004
    This 992 page book is considered to be one of the best textbooks for cabinet building.
    ISBN 87002-374-8 copyright 1982. I tried to sell this on ebay some time back and got no takers. I hate to throw away a nice book. Its yours if you want it, no charge. Just send me a mailing address and I'll put it in Mondays mail. Best wishes, Blufford

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    Go to the links library below, near the bottom of the list. Click open the woodworking sticky, click on 'messman', choose 'C'. There are about 100 or more plans there for free.
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    Aug 20, 2005
    If you enjoy building your own, then that's wonderful. :)

    But if you're wanting to save some money check with your local Habitat for Humanity. They often have leftover cabs they sell for a low price.