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Where are all of the larger breeds?

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What is it with all of these miniature rabbits for sale? Doesn't anybody raise a normal sized Rex or Lop or any of the other large breeds besides the Californias and the New Zealands?

I've been searching for rabbits in my local area and there seems to be a glut of mini rabbits but the suckers aren't big enough to bother butchering.

What gives?

I've tried checking some of the local shelters and they are all 'no kill', 'no breeding' shelters.
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pointer_hunter said:
I bred a NZW doe to a Mini-Rex buck and got a decent sized litter. They took a little longer to get butchering size so it isn't as economical as staying large. But, if that's all you have, I'd say give it a whirl. You will get some wild colors sometimes.
Wow, and what quality was the fur on that little sucker? More like the rex or more like the NZ?

I love rex furs, they are soooo soft!
Meg Z said:
LOL...that's because them ain't eatin' rabbits, them's petting rabbits! :haha: :haha: There are a few folks out there who haven't learned the true purpose of rabbits!

Meg :)
Hmm, wonder if you skinned them and sewed the furs together if they would make a petting jacket?
TheBlueOne said:
We've got Lilacs and English Lops but the mini's are where the money's at. When you can sell a single mini-rex (or Holland Lop) for $75 (usually) to as much as $200, that's where the concentration (for us anyway) is going to be.
We keep toying with serious M/R production but have other things going on right now.
You've got to be kidding me! If I could sell just a few kits per year at that rate, I could raise all of my meat for free!

But you are talking pedigreed with papers and a cage, right?
Kumi_Ori said:
I raise Rex also. There is not much of a market for them but I love them anyway, great personalities and awesome fur. I breed for show rabbits, but out of a good size litter I may only get 1 or 2 real good keepers. I always try to sell the others or trade the feed store for the rest but what doesn't sell goes in the freezer. Works for me.
what neck of the woods do you live in? I can't afford to have rabbits shipped and I know people don't like to anyway.

Also, how much will the feed stores give on em? Will SS stores deal?

I just thought of something. There are two stores where we used to live that we bought our chicks from. They had these small bunnies that I thought had been caught in the wild. I'll bet they would be willing to take some rabbits if I had them.
Pat Lamar said:
A word of caution, here... those prices can be commanded for top quality show rabbits from *winning* lines. That means you have to prove those rabbits by entering in lots of rabbit shows... and which costs a lot of money for entry fees, travel, accommodations, food, etc.... and they have to WIN. Many try for years and never win.

I used to raise Mini Rex for my pet trade and sold them anywhere from $5.00 to $25.00 with pedigrees. Just because they were Mini Rex doesn't mean they'll automatically bring higher prices. The same with the Holland Lops.

Pat Lamar
Professional Rabbit Meat Association
Thank you I appreciate the differentiation on that. I used to go to shows and stuff when I was half my present age. Yes, it takes a while and working the circuit is expensive especially if you go to a variety of shows.
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