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Where are all of the larger breeds?

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What is it with all of these miniature rabbits for sale? Doesn't anybody raise a normal sized Rex or Lop or any of the other large breeds besides the Californias and the New Zealands?

I've been searching for rabbits in my local area and there seems to be a glut of mini rabbits but the suckers aren't big enough to bother butchering.

What gives?

I've tried checking some of the local shelters and they are all 'no kill', 'no breeding' shelters.
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hey breezy
why not work w/ the lil bunnies, at least until you locate what you really want. think of it this way, how many times have you cleaned a mess of bream, spot, quail, dove, squirrel or cottontail? how about shelling walnuts, pecans, peanuts or pistachios?
i have never killed a wild rabbit that was significantly bigger than a mini. even when i want to save the pelt for my daughter to put in barbies house cleaning only takes a few minutes. when i don't care to save anything it takes about 60 seconds.
just something to think about.
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