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when you want to buy a used car

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Can you ask the dealer to show you what THEY paid for the car?

Just wondering. :)

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It doesn't matter what they paid for it. It is only worth what you are willing to pay. Many times I have been told by dealers that they have more in a vehicle than I knew it booked for. Not my problem. Just because they pay too much for it does not mean that I will.

First month, they price per the book.

Second month, they ADD $250-500 to cover flooring costs.

Third month, they ADD another $250-500.

Fourth month they either auction it off, clean it up some more, repaint it, or are willing to deal.

Remember that any long term used car dealership has all their inventory paid for. You can offer what you believe it is worth and walk if they don't like the offer. One of the worst things you can do is:
Say that you are buying TODAY. Drive a car. Try to negotiate a price and when they won't get to what you believe is reasonable quickly.... walk toward the door. I have heard of salesman getting fired for letting a customer like that walk out. Prices drop and managers run for the door to stop you.
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