When to plant cabbage?

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  1. I usually don't plant my cabbage/broccoli/cauliflour until around the last of march but every year around this time of the year they are already selling plants at stores. Will snow hurt the plants cause sometimes here in March we can have our deepest snowfalls? If not I might just go ahead and buy a few plants and see what happens by planting them this early in the year. Will I have to cover them up at nights or when bad weather hits?
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    If the plants have been sufficiently hardened off, or started outside in a cold frame, most of the brassica family can handle down to 22F. There may be some leaf damage but the plants should survive. If buried under a mid-spring snow, that's even better as it's warmer under the snow. My cabbage is started in a cold frame so it's used to the cold right away. If plants are available now, they were either brought up from warmer states or from local greenhouses. Buy them now and harden them off for a week or so outside. They'll quickly adapt during the cold nights. Then they won't have to handle a double problem of combining cold with transplant shock.


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    :) Yes plant right now just buy some 8 inch plastic field tile it comes in a roll and you can get as much as you want.Cut it 8 inches long and put it around the plants as you plant,mound some dirt around it to keep it in place.After the threat of frost is over just twist them clockwise and remove put mulch around and you have cole products 4 weeks early.John (Good Earth Farm)
  4. Thanks guys I may just go ahead and give it a try. If I can get a earlier harvest then that should free up more garden space for my summer veggies. I also noticed last night at a farm store they are already selling seed taters too. Those I won't take a chance on for a earlier harvest. Just too damp around here.