When to give pasturella vaccine to new babies.

Discussion in 'Goats' started by okiemom, Nov 9, 2004.

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    May 12, 2002
    If I vaccinate the pg. does w/ pasturella pneu. how long would the immunity last in the kids? would it be better to just vaccinate the kids directly? When should I do this? How many weeks of age?

    I am hoping that by getting the cocci. under control in the adult herd will lessen the chance for the babies to get cocci overload and then the pneu. but I don't want to take chances. pneu strikes so fast.

    Who else vaccinates for pasturella? I am starting to think that this is almost esential for goat owners. Ideas, comments?
  2. Vicki McGaugh TX Nubians

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    May 6, 2002
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    I don't give this vaccination routinely, but I have used it successfully before. Successfully....well lets just say they didn't get pnemonia, although stressed and living in not the best of conditions, but whose to say it was the vaccine? :) But it surely was worth the cost if it did work!

    I have never given it to really young kids as part of their vaccination series, I have given it in a series of 2 shots to doelings and bucklings born in March who where part of a trip going to Mexico in September. Lots of folks use the nasalgen nose spray for shipping fever complex, but if you look at the types of pnemonia that this drug works on it is not for the pasturella hemoticula and multicidia that effects goats. So make sure your vaccine is labeled for only those two, no letters and numbers of alphabet type pnemonia's, and give only the one for healthy heifers. The antiserum used to the one when they are ill will make huge abscess at the shot site in goats.

    I gave one shot at 12 weeks and the other 21 days later to the kids. The same for the group of bred milkers I brought in for export the following spring. They where given the shot upon arrival, given their booster 21 days later. My quaranteen pen and barn is not set up for longterm especially wet winter use, and it was the only place I had to keep them, normally pnemonia would have been seen in a group like this, they stayed healthy, kidded healthy and did well on export.

    The thing that you will find out is that goats of yours who have received the vaccination prekidding, will have heathier kids. Pasturella is a normal bacteria in the nose of our goats. Stress causes an overgrowth that then leads to illness. With the vaccination, or colostrum from moms with immunity to this, you simply have healthier goats period.

    Keeping your cocci and worm burdens low is the only real trick out there with your kids. The kids rarely die from the cocci or worms, it's the blood loss, the stress that then leads to overgrowth of pasturella in the nose, or entertoxermia in the gut that eventually kills them. So treating them for the last part, isn't going to do anything if you don't treat them for the first part.

    To rephrase your sentence...... I am starting to think that this is almost esential for goat owners.

    Cocci and worm prevention, not letting them get heavy burdens of either, is the most important thing.

    We have to start prevention right before they turn 3 weeks, with the lifecycle of both being 21 days, we have to keep on top of this. Those in the frozen north of course have much lower burdens of all of this with their deep prolonged freeze. Their kids are born into environments, out at pasture with zero burdens until the thaw. Now they can overwinter huge numbers of parasties by bedding their barns before the first freeze, but that can be handled with mangement. Yes you can down here have a filthy place which gives your kids worms and cocci, but pasture rotation, or cleaning of barns really only gives you relief for 21 days, sorry even with 13 acres and a large barn there isn't enough pens or barnstalls to move to every 21 days until a good freeze :) We haven't had one in about 8 years :D Vicki

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    Aug 12, 2002
    Vicki, which shots do you routine give to young kids and at what age? Do you recommend Jeffers for these or someone else? We never have done this and have had no problems whatsoever.