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When the job is gone and the money runs out!

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I'm OK for a few months but many of the people laid-off have nothing when the unemployment is used up. What are they going to do? How are they going to pay the bills?
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i agree with the responses posted. i am certainly not suggesting anyone makes rash moves without careful contemplation, but i am thinking far too many people are going to try to hold out on their own before reaching solutions that could benefit them sooner.

if 3 families exhaust all resources and then try to come together, they will have exhausted themselves and have nothing to offer each other but solace. but if 3 families come together before they have exhausted all resources, they might very well be able to salvage something to continue on with.

although that is my suggestion, i am finding it very difficult to impress that on even my own family. this kind of thinking is almost impossible for land/home owners but if people are renters........they should be pooling resources now instead of trying to make it thru a tough winter with staggering utility bills.
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I worry about keeping my garden safe next summer... rose bushes and stinging nettles are my plan!!

i am moving to a more rural area soon and have already decided where to place my berry bushes for the same reasons. might not be an iron clad fence but i am making as many barriers as possible.
1 - 2 of 39 Posts
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