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When is ice cream not ice cream?

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When its a "frozen dairy dessert" :grump:

I bought some Edy's Peach Pie "ice cream", it was in the middle of the other Edy's ice creams, it looks like ice cream , is in the ice cream section, when I got it home I noticed in tiny words that it says "frozen dairy dessert" on it. Blech, it feels like a frozen syrup , or a thick cream like a mcdonalds "milkshake".
Be careful when you buy ice cream, because it might not even be ice cream :shrug:
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A few years ago, I read some really cool info about ice cream, and the laws surrounding what defines ice cream.

It seems like ice cream contains a certain percentage of real milk...but I can't remember anything these days.

It seems like those laws stem from way back...they are in effect to protect the consumer, and if I suspect correctly, it is a way to promote the dairy industry too.
While searching the other day I was amazed at how many have HFCS and other artificial flavors and other mess in them. Thankfully I found one that was 'real' ice-cream after searching for a while
This is made with whey and skim milk and corn syrup. It doesnt even feel like ice cream does and certainly doesnt taste like it. I guess you have to watch everything these days
To me, even Ben & Jerrys isn't real ice cream. The gum based recipes fit the definition, but I've yet to see a cow really chew gum. OTOH, frozen custards aren't ice cream, but are more like ice cream to me. Go figure.
Breyers makes a real ice cream. Very good, but expensive. You have to watch what flavors you buy though. The Heath and Snickers flavors are not what I call ice cream. I still eat them sometimes.
I bought some cheap ice cream once and it wouldn't even was gross, I am guessing nothing in it was real and was plastic or something.

I a getting ready to have real ice cream, made fresh last night with goats milk, fresh strawberries, vanilla beans and agave nectar. Mmmm
i forget the number, but it concerns the milk fat content. there are grades based on milk fat content like regular ice cream, premium, super premium and ultra premium. if the milk fat content is below a certain amount, like say 7% instead of 10%, it is "ice milk".

ben and jerry's and breyer's are both unilever products now. ben and jerry's was super awesome before it was bought out, but i noticed a formulation change...lower milk fat content, just a few months after the change in ownership. i feel that unilever wastes no time in changing formulas to maximize profit once it buys a brand of anything. in my opinion, they have ruined hundreds of products from margarines and mayonaise to ice cream.
Turkey Hill has a vanilla with 5 ingredients.
Cream, milk, sugar, vanilla, and vanilla bean.
It's really good.
Caveat Emptor
Having a hubby whose favorite dessert years ago was Vienetta, when I happened across it one day I bought it.
Got home and we realized it was now made by a different company and was a frozen dairy dessert.
Blech, it was almost not even cold. Even when frozen. And like pp said, it didn't really melt. Weird and gross!
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