What's your place like?

Discussion in 'Homesteading Questions' started by countrygrrrl, Mar 13, 2004.

  1. countrygrrrl

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    Aug 4, 2003
    Zone Unknown
    Seems like a good topic for a rainy Sat morning, especially since I'm spending my morning plotting on all my plans! :D

    What's your place like? What kind of work are you doing on it --- and what projects have you completed?

    I have five hilly acres with a nice trailer, several very questionable outbuildings and a nice little hollow with very nice trees below. I got here not quite two years ago and have spent most of my time cleaning up the place (it was beyond trashing when I got here :no: ) and rehabilitating the trailer. Also built a giant halfway enclosed and all the way covered front deck.

    I've just started on the outbuildings this spring, and have almost finished converting the world's ugliest shed (complete with attached steel building originally used for ... :confused: ) into a combination composting/potting shed attached to raised bed and grape arbor.

    After pricing new outbuildings :eek: , I also just purchased two large cans of paint and am preparing to renovate the fairly nice shed next to the newly converted one.

    My fencing is a mess and the goat barn, yoikes! Longterm projects. I've also got some rock paths put in, have done a ton of clearing especially of noxious invasive bushes and those *&%^#$@ multiflora roses :no: , have gotten up a small greenhouse and have two more small raised beds planned (hopefully completed by the end of summer.

    There's still a mess of work to be done, though. I'm dying to hear about other people's places! It's inspiration!! :D
  2. puffdog

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    Dec 13, 2003
    Well i just got the place and like you trying to clean things up. It was a old farm that has been idle for 25 years. Everything needs repair or replacement but hey I love it. Yesterday was spent moving old equipment out of the front yard where it was parked so it could be worked on in the shade. Like you I have benn fighting the roses grrrrrrrr. looking for a mobile home now and finally got the 2 electic company to agree on who will install the pole. The bountry of the 2 electrical co ops runs right down the middle of the property it was so close they were out there with measuring tapes lol. All the old buildings are falling in so are the fences sometimes I think I am looking at a life time of work just to get it back to where it was. Good luck with yours and keep me posted.

    God bless you and yours

  3. fin29

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    Jun 4, 2003
    We have 11 acres and a 1900 colonial. 24x48 post and beam barn, separate two car garage, and a cute little 2-story workshop that looks like a miniature house. We have an orchard with apples and pears, about 4 acres of woods, and a 6 acre field that slopes down to the west. We bought it from two 90-something spinster sisters who lived here their whole lives.
    We're expanding the market garden to about 70x80' this year, starting currants, blueberries, and chokecherries, building a couple more chicken tractors, and hopefully fencing about a 600x600ft. area.
    I'm planning to build an outside kitchen and maybe an earth oven, if I'm lucky.
    Barn cleaning is the order of the summer, and the goal is to have a big harvest party this fall. We were going to raise pigs, but I just bought a 7 month old gilt who will be taking a trip to camp on the 21st. One less thing to mess with this summer...now what am I going to do with all those pallets I've been collecting... :no: Bonfire?
  4. countrygrrrl

    countrygrrrl PITA

    Aug 4, 2003
    Zone Unknown

    How do you build an earth oven???
  5. gobug

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    Dec 9, 2003
    bought mountain property in Dec 03, 14 acres, good well, underground electric, telephone hookup, satellite dish, 4 car garage, house burned down.

    installed radiant insulation on the garage ceiling, camped out in the garage three times now, small wood burning stove helped - barely

    bought a tractor, will be delivered next week, need it to clean up burned out house

    bought 400 fire brick for a masonry stove on the mountain - took the bricks to the mountain

    re-finished kitchen cabinets in Denver house, took out a wall, added new countertops

    installed under cabinet lights in the Denver kitchen, painted the kitchen

    spread compost on garden boxes last weekend

    working on ladder/equipment rack for the van roof this weekend and painting ceilings

    going to plant tomato seeds etc tomorrow indoors

    getting ready to do a meshcrete cover on the Denver front patio
  6. SueD

    SueD Well-Known Member

    Aug 1, 2002
    fin29 - I am jealous... *pouting!* I LOVE old houses - and a post and beam barn?!?!?!?!

    I'm living vicariously on this post, lol! I'm in the burbs. Just getting ready to put up a chainlink fence tall enough to keep the chow/lab inside of (we HOPE). Last summer DH built a nice 8x12 section on the side of the shed out back to house the rabbits, and we're going to put a porch on the front, another on the back that may or may not double as a '3-season' room. Fixing up the inside with a few built-ins and a couple coats of paint, and maybe a car port (no garages around here.)

    THEN its time to sell and get someplace in TN...

    After having moved three times in the last 2 years, and STILL not getting any closer to acreage, I'm still dreaming/plotting/planning/conniving and saving!!!

    I sure hope lots more people post to this thread - makes my heart ache and my resolve all that much stronger!!!
  7. countrygrrrl

    countrygrrrl PITA

    Aug 4, 2003
    Zone Unknown
    I'm hoping more people post, too, Sue, because it really does help.

    I'm using little tiny paint brushes today to finally paint the bathroom floor with all my sale paint. :D This has been going on for 9 months now but i think I'm finally sliding into home. Tried white first :eek: yick! then a greenie color :no: bigger yick then tried the splatter technique :eek: and only ended up ruining part of the wall :no: and finally got fed up and grabbed a can of sand colored floor paint.

    A bit too dark BUT hmmm, grea possibilities. I'm doing some bright colors along the walls and am painting a kind of crazy design on the entrance way floor --- and will tape off and use a lighter color sand to make a tile effect. In any case, I think I finally have this bathroom floor figured out. :D
  8. Beeman

    Beeman Well-Known Member

    Dec 28, 2002
    East TN
    My place is a mess, mostly because there is always some type of work going on.

    RANDEL Well-Known Member

    Dec 10, 2003
    eight acres of old pasture, all overgrown with oaks and cedars, quite a few 15 feet tall. and old singlewide mobile home that i live in in town, but hope to move 20 miles to the property in a few weeks. about a half acre cleared, a few hundred sq feet of newly dug, limed garden beds. a shed with tarp walls. no well or fence. electric and phone tho. a driveway made of mud. and a small buddha-shrine.

    just started working on the place last november, am happy with it, wish it were farther along, but enjoying watching my homestead grow.
  10. CountryFried

    CountryFried Well-Known Member

    Dec 22, 2003
    4 years and 45 acres. Whew!! Is what comes to mind.

    Mostly clean-up to start with. Everything piled sky high with stuff- guy musta been through the depression.Kept everything ! Even old milk jugs??

    Then we built on an addition. Six of us in one bathroom was nuts ! Added a loft bedroom, pantry ,bath, laundry room, and den.

    First their were goats given to us. (2) Then 3 sheep we bought. A horse from the neighbor for FREE ! Add multiplying cats, and one dog. Oh ! The chickens, about 15 now, minus 5 we killed to eat. :)

    Plans are to dam up the spring-fed creek , make a pond. Have a decent (hopefully) garden. Figure out if we can make some money off the place as a business. And be buried in the back 40 later . ha ha
  11. cath

    cath Well-Known Member

    Mar 13, 2004
    40 acres of bottom-land, we are in process of re-foresting 30 of those acres for salmon stream restoration and rehabilitating the 60 year old farmhouse which is currently unhabitable (rotten subflooring, wall damage from leaking windows, needs new bathroom and major kitchen remodel). Big pole barn is usuable but ugly! And we were told by our insurance company to tear down the old stable, but we are assessing to see if it is salvagable. Then there is the 20 x 48 ft greenhouse that needs to be moved on site, fencing, and general clean-up. We are going to have a very busy summer!
  12. big rockpile

    big rockpile If I need a Shelter

    Feb 24, 2003
    Well we have 20 acres that start at the top of one Ridge,runs across the Holler most of the way up to the top of the next Ridge.15 acres of it is very good Woven Wire Fenced and Cross Fenced.

    Our House is Basically 20 X 40 Shack,building a New House.Got a 20 X 30 Barn,Chicken House,Rabbit Shed,Wood Shed,Couple other Sheds.

    40' X 100' Garden,Small Orchard.

    Year Round Spring and Small Pond.

    I no longer raise Animals,gearing most of the place into bringing Wildlife in.

    big rockpile
  13. Kirk

    Kirk Well-Known Member

    Oct 30, 2003
    Seven and a half acres. I border a village (pop. 312) To the north. But that border is an 80 acre parcel planted to overgrown christmas trees, not likley to be developed soon. to the south is township property between me and the river. West of me is the cemetary (quiet neighbors). My Land is flat, planted with pines but has hardwoods along the south edge. The paved road to the east has three houses across the street and they all seem like decent people. It came with a few apple trees and a grape vinyard. There is a walking trail that circles the property. I want to plant wildflowers all along the trail and add benches and interesting little surprises to be discovered as I or friends walk along it.
    We just bought the place back in October, so we are looking forward to our first spring here. I think the former owners would have been very comfortable on this forum. We bought the property as an estate and much of their possesions were left behind. She canned and had a garden. At one time they kept a goat. I think that they were homesteaders although they probably never used the term. I can't wait for spring to see what might be growing here already.
    The house is a small ranch which needs a lot of updating. There is a two car garage. Behind that is a 20 by 40 pole barn. There is also an 8 by 12 barn which I just finished getting ready to use as a chicken coop (chicks will be here monday).
    After moving in we were able to harvest 5 deer during hunting season. This has cut our food cost quite a bit this winter. We have a few wild rabbits and several squirel running (hopping?) around.
    The longer I am here the more I love it.
  14. Jena

    Jena Well-Known Member

    Aug 13, 2003
    "My" farm (my husband has another one) is 150 acres. 45 tillable, 15 or so in woods, the rest is pasture. There are two creeks through it, one stays running all year. There is one pond.

    There is a house, but I don't live there. It is too small for our family. There are two old barns, a machine shed, a silo and feed bunk and a feed shed.

    I have 50+ cows, a few feeder calves and a couple bulls. Calving just started and so far I have three little ones. I graze the cows rotationally during the growing season, but for now they are confined to one paddock and a corn field.

    I have about 600 broilers. 300 are out on pasture, 300 still in the brooder. The first batch goes March 26th, then I start again. I need to get my capacity up to 500 in a batch, which isn't all that hard, just figuring out the logistics of it all.

    This time of year, everything piles up. I need to get all the winter manure hauled off and spread before it either gets too wet again, or it's time to plant the crops! I need to go through all my fencing to fix it after the winter. I use single hotwires, but there will be missing insulators, various tree branches, etc on the lines. I basically have to rebuild them every spring before the cows go back on pasture. I also bought a 1600 gallon water tank over the winter and need to get that set up to water the cows when they are in the back pastures. I also have to hook up automatic field watering for the birds so I don't have to haul water to them.

    I also have various other poultry...layers, geese, ducks. Four horses, two foals and one more on the way. 4 wild goats that drive me nuts, 2 pet pigs I love dearly and one dog. Cats don't count because they just come and go :)

    I would like to get rid of some cows, but I can't afford to yet. I would like to start a truck farm to grow produce, but I don't have the time. I would like to fence the rest of the crop ground for cow eating in the winter, but I don't have the time or money! I would like to spend more time selling meat and chickens (most are already sold), but I don't have the time. I think I better just stick with what I got :)

  15. Shrek

    Shrek Singletree Moderator Staff Member Supporter

    Apr 30, 2002
    North Alabama
    My place is just perfect for a 40 something ogre and his five critters to exist happily with no industrial employment, no alarm clocks and plenty of fruit trees for a taste of wine, gardens for food and meat barter and a managable wormranch to supplement my savings return. :haha:
  16. rider

    rider Well-Known Member

    Feb 10, 2003
    PowderRiver County,MT.
    I am in s.e. montana lets see we live 8 miles from town of 400 or so only town in county of 2000 or so persons, more liscensed horse trailers here than people. Its 80 miles to wal-mart. I brought my family back here 2 years ago, i was raised near our place, adn after high school went to Denver for 18 years. We have 20 acres, good water, a few trees and more comming in the mail as the tree lot here is old, this is an old ranch head quarters site, but the old house was torn down years ago due to neglect, we have a 12 yr old modular, garage cabin, other out buildings. horse dog cats rabbit and the wild critters, I starts horses for people so right now i have 2 horses, they need their feet trimmied but they got sprayed by a skunk last week so am holding off on the trimming. We have numerous deer to eat the garden, hawks and eagles to eat cats and small animals such as lambs and the occasional calf. An occasional black bear, they are fairly shy tho, one did get hit on the highway last year tho, and the mountain lions are getting fairly abundant, there is one living in town, people see it but no one has been able to get a shot at it. We have winter late october threw may. last year the last freeze was June 15 and the first fall freeze sept 16 so that stuff has got to grow real fast. All in all this is a great place and one day it will all cleaned up and just the way i want it. Rider
  17. Hank - Narita

    Hank - Narita Well-Known Member

    Aug 12, 2002
    We bought our 78 acres in 2001 and moved a double wide on the property near the paved road in southeast AZ. We had a metal barn built for storage, workshop, goats and milkroom. We fenced about 5 acres from the windlife. Goat pens and pen for chickens. Selling excess eggs. We did a market garden on a small scale last year. This year will be on about an acre of ground adjacent to first one. All will be on drip irrigation. Our town is about 16 miles away and the pop. is about 5,000. Two grocery stores but no main ones so shopping for building materials is about 90 miles away. Mesquite trees and cactus cover the rest of the acreage. DH is building a 12 x 12 greenhouse. The 18 x 20 deck is finished. The proeprty came with a well. If we had to do it over again, never would have settled on the mobile (poor service on repairs). We have two does and a American Alpine buck. Nine barred rock hens and a dozen cats. We are still looking for our blue merle Aussie female for herding and guard dog.
  18. CYgnet

    CYgnet Guest

    Much less ambitious here than a lot of you.

    I've got 2.4 acres and a mobile about 35 miles S. of Phoenix and 20 miles west of Casa Grande, in Hidden Valley. It was bare dirt when I bought it, just a square of dirt with a few desert trees on it and a 1/7th share in a community well. I've been living here since December of 2000, but I commute (55 miles one way) to work -- I don't see leaving my job any time soon but hope at least to get to the point where I can work part time. (My company offers part time workers benefits, and I need 'em because I've got major health problems.)

    Lessee ... in the last three-something years I've built a chicken coop singlehandedly, which was fun because I'd never touched a power tool before I came out here, and learned as I went. It turned out well; stood up to some 60mph winds a few months ago without a quiver.

    Fenced an acre in, crossfenced.

    I wanted to garden and sell the produce originally (my grandpa was a gardener, I grew up with my toes in the dirt), but the well's not suitable for gardening -- it's a fairly low-flow well that draws down easy so we have to conserve and at 650 feet it's very expensive to pump -- I'm going to set up a grey water system for a personal garden, but I won't have enough grey water for a large garden. I only use (including what I use for my animals) about 2500 gallons a month in the winter and about 7000 a month in the summer when I'm running the misters on the birds -- I figure I'll only have about a thousand gallons of greywater from my showers and laundry -- that's enough for a couple fruit trees and a few tomatoes but not much more, not when summer daytime temps hit 120 degrees ..

    So instead of gardening, I'll be raising chickens. There's such a demand for started birds here that the birds dang near sell themselves; I've been asking $8 for pullets and $5 for cockerals at 6-8 weeks and they sell almost instantly. Gonna start an official business in the fall -- I have the capital saved up for pens and an incubator. I figure to hatch about a hundred birds a week, and sell them through local feed stores, from about October through April every year. (It's too hot in the summer to raise babies here.)

    Besides the chickens, I have four goats. Two I use for packing (they're the best pack animals I've ever dealt with), one's got a partial amputation -- one claw -- and so can't carry a pack or he'd be earning his food too, and one's just an idiot but he's an athletic idiot and one of these days I'll find the time to break him to pack too.

    Projects for summer:

    Build several grow-out pens
    Fence the rest of the place in field fencing
    Build a storage shed, or buy one. Might be cheaper just to buy one. Then make feed bins to store grain in for the birds.

    Projects for the next couple of weeks:

    Build a pen for the marans that are in the brooder right now
    Plant a lemon tree (brought it home today! *grin*)
    Get the mister systems installed for the chickens for the summer, it's already starting to get toasty in the afternoons ... hit 90 a few days ago ...
    Finish painting the big coop


  19. Ross

    Ross Moderator Staff Member Supporter

    May 9, 2002
    We have 70 acres and rent a further 130 or so. We raise sheep for meat milk and wool and also run a boarding kennel. Our latest project is to get the wool processing up and running and then pick up the sheep milking if it will pay for us here. I could best describe home sweet home as messy, but the clutter is the meer flux of greatness! (Golly I hope the tax man doesn't audit us, I'm totally honest but messy don't suit their type) I may be on plan B for a while but it will pay off eventually.