What's your idea of jerky?

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  1. What's your idea of jerky? Recipes? ideas? etc?
  2. Oggie

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    May 29, 2003
    Rushing in front of a little old lady to take the last available seat on a bus. I think that's pretty jerky.

  3. jacksun

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    May 15, 2004
    try kickoman soy sauce liquid smoke onionsalt and any other spice you can think of mix meat with liquids let sit for 1 hour put on drying rack i use a gas oven and leave the door open an inch and as low a heat as possible sometimes just the pilot lite you are drying the meat not cooking it you can experiment with it and get a wide array of tastes but use a little spice it will go a long way put the spices on when the meat is on the racks put the meat close ttogether when it dries it will shrink dont overlap the meat thats about all i can help you with.
  4. Jolly

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    Jan 8, 2004
    A good friend of mine was raised on the Cherokee reservation in Oklahoma. The only animals he won't make jerky out of are skunks, possums and armadillos.

    Needless to say, I've ate jerky made from bobcats, rabbits, coyotes, and beaver, just to name a few.

    It's all good. :cool:
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    Feb 10, 2004
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    Got London Broil 2.5 inches thick,into freezer until about frozen,trim ALL fat and sinew off,slice about 3/8 inches thick.Trimming prep is the key I think.Last batch we used soy sauce,onion powder and flakes,garlic,a bit of whisky,pepper,brown sugar.Soaked about 4 hrs.Its on its 2nd day in dehydrator,about half is done. I only use round steaks/londons when on sale.If you use the steaks have butcher put them thru the tenderizer,I always seem to forget that.Last batch 1.49/lb.All trim then goes thru the kitchenaide mixers' grinder attachment.Makes pretty good hamburger.Id say i get 1/3 burger,2/3rds Jerky.
  6. Shrek

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    Apr 30, 2002
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    2/3 of the postings in General Chat :haha:

    My favorite recipe is beef, deer or rabbit marinated in teriaki and bourbon and seared before dehydrating.
  7. Jagger

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    Apr 25, 2004
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    Jerky is simply dried meat. Flavorings are optional. I mainly use venison. I take the meat remove all fat and thicker membranes (sinews). Then i will thinly slice the the roasts. The meat is then hung on a drying rack made out of saplins. The meat dangles from the rack. I usually build a fire nearby and ad some punk wood to it to make it smolder and smoke a bit. This helps keep down insects. The meat will dry pretty quickly. Really insects aren't too bad if your using good fresh meat. I personally dislike all the flavored jerky. I like it plain. I generaly will cook with it. Added to a stew or what not it will reconstitute. Making jerky is a great way to use unwanted cuts of meat. I also like beaver and muskrat for jerky.

  8. Cyngbaeld

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    May 20, 2004
    SE Missouri
    Cow elk dried slow over cedar. Yum! I also love salmon smoked till it dries.

    Holly, does your friend jerk prarie dog? I've read that it is pretty greasy.

    Has anyone tried to dry chicken?
  9. evilbunny

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    Apr 17, 2004
    Am I right, this meat is not cooked? Just wondering, I've neve made jerky but would like to.
  10. Lean meat, trim off any fat, it slices thinner if partially frozen. Here's the recipe I started with but now kind of "wing it" with spices. 2 lbs. meat. 1/3 bottle liquid smoke, 1 1/2 tsp.of each:meat tenderizer,seasoned salt,onion powder, 1/2 tsp pepper, 1/2 tsp garlic powder. 1/4 c. soy sauce, 1/2 c. worchestshire. Mix. marinate meat for at least 24 hours. Pat the meat dry and place on rack. Leave door open and bake at 150 degrees about 7 hours. This really depends how thin your meat is. I have many metal racks & I set them over a pan to bake. We like to spice it up more than this recipe.
  11. uncle Will in In.

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    May 11, 2002
    It appears that most of you slice the meat across the grain.. That makes it much easier to chew, but didn't the old timers have the grain of the meat going longways of the jerky? A piece of that takes a heap of chawin' just to tear off a bite.