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The first deer I killed I was sitting on a limb of a tree with a shotgun and slugs.I had put some doe pee on my boots to cover my scent.When it got daylight I couldn't see anything on my left because of a cedar tree.I really didn't have to much faith in seeing anything.I was watching a squirrel play and heard something under me.It was a buck!It followed my trail to where I got in the tree and it couldn't figure out where the doe went. :eek:

I couldn't see anything but it's face through the cedar tree.When it smelled the ground I saw it's horns.I moved my gun to wait for it to come pass the tree.Then I thought no I'm going to shoot it where it was.I shot, it fell down.It kicked its back legs around like it was trying to get up so I shot it again.I sat there a few minutes till I couldn't stand it any more.

My ex had picked me up so I could reach the limb to get in the tree.So when I started to get down I put my gun down first.Then I swung around hanging under the limb holding on with my hands and feet.I was going to drop my feet first then just drop down until my boot got hung on the limb.Well there I was hanging upside down with my foot hung.I pulled hard a couple of times when it did came loose I hit the ground hard. :mad:

I went over to the deer and looked no horns! :eek: I thought OH NO I killed a doe!I had shot the deer in the horn.It looked like someone had just pulled it out of his head.The shot had just knocked him silly.The second shot is what killed it.His other horn was still there.It had 3 points on it. :dance:

I have come a long way since then but that is still the only deer I've killed with horns Whoops I mean horn on it.

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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