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This actually is my Dad's deer story, but I was his sidekick when he went hunting, until my brother got old enough. I just can't bring myself to shoot one, although I'm a good shot. :( My story is; we had been hunting since early in the morning and hadn't seen a thing. We were driving out and my dad saw a nice 5x4 mulley buck and a few does. My dad aimed for the buck and down he went, but a doe up the hill from him fell too! Oh! he was so upset that he's gotten her too( he only had one tag) He approached the buck with his usual caution and cut his throat. He then hiked up the hill alittle and looked at the doe cautiously, her eye didn't look right, so he poked her with the barrel of his gun and..... up she jumped and ran off :D The nearest we could figure was that she was a young doe and when she saw the buck fall , she copied him :haha: We looked where she was laying and there was no blood of any kind and the bullet was still in the body cavity of the buck. :) My dad said he was glad he had just approached her to cut her throat, she'd have gotten him with her hooves. My Dad was relieve, because he didn't know how to get her home without being caught :D
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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