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What's your BEST deer story?

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When I got my first deer ever, at age 51.........I gutted the deer, cut out the heart and slipped it into a plastic bag.
Jumped into my car and drove the 3 miles into town.

With blood up to my elbows I stormed through the backdoor of the POST OFFICE .......... waving the bloody heart bag over my head......acting like a maniac.................Startling everyone half to death!


My first deer was a 6 point buck. I was hunting all by myself, with no one anywhere near to ask for advice on gutting.
Shot it at 7:30 in the morning on opening day.

I was SO Excited!
I wanted to share the news with DH who works as a mailman.

(I knew he'd soon have his mail sorted and would be leaving on his route so I wanted to catch him before he left the post office.)

I guess he was a little late going out on his route 'cause he had to wash blood off of all the door knobs I had touched.

Now I just wait until he comes home to share the news.
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That pretty much tops anything I have ever done with a deer. I shot one with a camera once. :D You go girl!!!!!!!!! I believe life begins at 50!!!!!!! Marilyn, the farmer's wife............
This actually is my Dad's deer story, but I was his sidekick when he went hunting, until my brother got old enough. I just can't bring myself to shoot one, although I'm a good shot. :( My story is; we had been hunting since early in the morning and hadn't seen a thing. We were driving out and my dad saw a nice 5x4 mulley buck and a few does. My dad aimed for the buck and down he went, but a doe up the hill from him fell too! Oh! he was so upset that he's gotten her too( he only had one tag) He approached the buck with his usual caution and cut his throat. He then hiked up the hill alittle and looked at the doe cautiously, her eye didn't look right, so he poked her with the barrel of his gun and..... up she jumped and ran off :D The nearest we could figure was that she was a young doe and when she saw the buck fall , she copied him :haha: We looked where she was laying and there was no blood of any kind and the bullet was still in the body cavity of the buck. :) My dad said he was glad he had just approached her to cut her throat, she'd have gotten him with her hooves. My Dad was relieve, because he didn't know how to get her home without being caught :D
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The first deer I killed I was sitting on a limb of a tree with a shotgun and slugs.I had put some doe pee on my boots to cover my scent.When it got daylight I couldn't see anything on my left because of a cedar tree.I really didn't have to much faith in seeing anything.I was watching a squirrel play and heard something under me.It was a buck!It followed my trail to where I got in the tree and it couldn't figure out where the doe went. :eek:

I couldn't see anything but it's face through the cedar tree.When it smelled the ground I saw it's horns.I moved my gun to wait for it to come pass the tree.Then I thought no I'm going to shoot it where it was.I shot, it fell down.It kicked its back legs around like it was trying to get up so I shot it again.I sat there a few minutes till I couldn't stand it any more.

My ex had picked me up so I could reach the limb to get in the tree.So when I started to get down I put my gun down first.Then I swung around hanging under the limb holding on with my hands and feet.I was going to drop my feet first then just drop down until my boot got hung on the limb.Well there I was hanging upside down with my foot hung.I pulled hard a couple of times when it did came loose I hit the ground hard. :mad:

I went over to the deer and looked no horns! :eek: I thought OH NO I killed a doe!I had shot the deer in the horn.It looked like someone had just pulled it out of his head.The shot had just knocked him silly.The second shot is what killed it.His other horn was still there.It had 3 points on it. :dance:

I have come a long way since then but that is still the only deer I've killed with horns Whoops I mean horn on it.

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first deer I shot I was so excited I set my rifle next to the tree and started to run over to count the points on the rack. To my suprise it got up and ran. We spent the better part of the day tracking its blood trail to no avail.
We finally had to give up and went back to our previous spot. About 2 hrs later a guy comes through the woods stopping at every tree stand. When he gets to ours he ask if I or my dad shot a deer that morning. I told him I had.

Apperently he and his sons were hunting the areal also. He though one of his sons had shot it so he dragged it 1/2 mile back to the parking area, hung and cleaned it. He told me to go tag it :)

Got his name and work place and took him 10 # of the meat. Then he told me his son shot a deer in the spot where I shot mine the following day(mine was a 4 pointer). :)
Okay now this sounds like a tall tell but it is the truth.

I had hunted about 10 years and still hadn't killed my first deer yet. You have to know that during those 10 years we were only allowed one buck deer a year. To kill a doe would mean prison term. Finally they opened the season up to doe hunting but it would only be the very last day of the season if you haven't filled your buck tag yet. Come the last day I hadn't filled my tag yet but I knew where some does would be traveling through so I set up bright and early watching a ravine point and the two side ridges. Come about 9:00 a.m. somebody way down in the holler fired a shot and it wasn't long until there was 5 does running up one of the ridges. I noticed they were heading right for a small clearing so I lifted my rifle up and pointed in the clearing waiting for the lead doe to run through it. When the lead doe ran into the clearing I fired my rifle. She kept running so I thought I missed, so I ejected another shell in the chamber and fired at the second doe running through the clearing. Missed again, I thought. Ejected 3rd round---Bam, missed again, 4th round---Bam, missed again. 5th round, the 5th doe stopped directly in the clearing, turned and looked right directly at me. I put the crosshairs directly centered on her chest and "BAM". She dropped to the ground. Finally I got my very first deer. Well overdo if you ask me. I walked over to where she laid and got my knife out ready to gut my first deer, then I noticed it was a little nubbing buck. I started gutting it out when all of a sudden I heard a noise and I looked in the direction that the other does ran off to. When I looked there was a doe that took off running and some of her guts was hanging out. She jumped a fence and I noticed she left some of her entrails on the fence. I thought to myself "Oh no I'm only allowed one deer". Then I looked down the fence line and seen some more entrails hanging on the fence, and then down a little ways was some more entrails on the fence. I thought to myself "Oh man, I shot 4 deer" "What if the law finds out I shot 4 deer", "Oh god I'm in trouble".

Well I started dragging the buck deer back to my pickup truck when I ran into my brother-in-laws brother. I asked him if he could help me out cause I think I just shot 4 deer altogether. (You should have seen his eyes bulge out) Well he was in there with 2 of his cousins so they went up the ridge to find all these deer that I had shot. But they only found one deer. What they had determined was that I must of had gut shot the lead doe with the very first shot and she was too hurt to jump the fence and every time she would try she would leave a little more of her entrail hanging on the fence. Her blood trail was the only blood trail found. This was a big relief to me but it was also embarrasing cause these guys told everybody how I thought I killed 4 deer and everybody teased me about it for several years afterwards.
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