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I've only got 20 years plus with sure I am a expert...but I have handled
quite a few rabbits in my time. My current numbers are just over 50 adults.

Your rabbit has a overload of bacteria in it's gut. So a 3 month old rabbit with a problem.
Your best option is to move the rest of the litter and mom also if she is still in with them
to a different cage. The current cage will have to be cleaned thoroughly

I just pulled one through with what I am guessing is the same problem I had just got the
bunny from my son along with a couple of adults. This young lop I plan on being a breeding
buck in the spring. He was really sick. I had some antibiotics that I put into him. I had a
bottle of Dri Tail that one uses on hamsters. I think this stuff was the right stuff to get
into this rabbit. Several days worth of medicine and when I knew he was going to make
it, he was so thin. I had to give him lots of treats to tempt him to eat. He now is in great
shape and boy does he lay a guilt trip on me to keep the treats going. He has the most perfect
personality. He will lay on his back in your arms like a baby. I call him Snuggly Bunny.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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