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What's this disease? (Diarrhea and very stiff)

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Everyone seemed fine last night, but this morning one of my kits (around 12 weeks old) seemed on the verge of death. Its underside and back legs were covered with sticky/runny diarrhea, and it was extremely stiff, almost like it was already dead and in moderate rigor mortis. When I tried to move it, the poor thing just tipped over, stiff as a board. It eventually moved its hind legs a bit and blinked a couple of times. Naturally I ended its pain, and even the death throes were very weak; more like little twitches.

Unfortunately I didn't have time for an autopsy, but a quick look online doesn't seem to turn up any results for diseases causing diarrhea and stiffness.

Does this ring any bells for anyone? Do I need to take steps to protect the rest of the cage and/or herd?


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I'm pretty new to rabbits and haven't had any issues like that. If he doesn't chime in, I'd shoot Fire-Man a PM as he seems to be a resident rabbit expert

Any changes in food, hay, or watering??

Did any of their food get wet and possibly mold or have you had the bag long? Smell the bag and make sure it still smells sweet and fresh (weird but my rabbit food smells like fresh sweet chocolate)
I've only got 20 years plus with sure I am a expert...but I have handled
quite a few rabbits in my time. My current numbers are just over 50 adults.

Your rabbit has a overload of bacteria in it's gut. So a 3 month old rabbit with a problem.
Your best option is to move the rest of the litter and mom also if she is still in with them
to a different cage. The current cage will have to be cleaned thoroughly

I just pulled one through with what I am guessing is the same problem I had just got the
bunny from my son along with a couple of adults. This young lop I plan on being a breeding
buck in the spring. He was really sick. I had some antibiotics that I put into him. I had a
bottle of Dri Tail that one uses on hamsters. I think this stuff was the right stuff to get
into this rabbit. Several days worth of medicine and when I knew he was going to make
it, he was so thin. I had to give him lots of treats to tempt him to eat. He now is in great
shape and boy does he lay a guilt trip on me to keep the treats going. He has the most perfect
personality. He will lay on his back in your arms like a baby. I call him Snuggly Bunny.
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You got some good info---So many things can be wrong---as asked---did you change their/its feeding----any greens? Any of the rest acting sick?
cocidious ; add corid for cattle to the water , are you raiseing them on wire floors ? solid floors are asking bacteria deaseas
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Thanks for all the replies.

No changes to food, but I checked the automatic watering system and found some maple leaves had gotten in somehow and the water got a trifle murky. I'll clean that out; however, nobody else is or has been sick. They've been eating standard pellets and the cage floors are wire.
automatic watering makes it easyer to give them the longer regime of corid .
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