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What's the best time to put manure in your soil?

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We want to grow our food without petro-chemical fertilizers. Therefore, cow patties. Will it hurt the plants to put manure on them while they are growin, in the spring just before we plant, in the fall?
I have been told corn will take all the nitrogen you can give it, but what about other plants?
Thanks to anyone who cares to answer.
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You can safely put fresh rabbit, goat or sheep manure around growing plants, but fresh chicken, cow or horse manure will burn a growing plant. If the manure is composted you can use it whenever you like or you can apply fresh manure to fields in the fall to mellow before spring planting.
the best time is late fall, at the end fo the gardening season. - then the manure has time to breakdown for next year's garden

IMO, avoid using any type of fresh manure. Compost it first.

For manure to begin to decompose it needs Nitrogen. So initally, fresh manure is actually pulling nitrogen from the soil which can cause Nitrogen deficiency ~ and that's no bullsh*t ;)
Jimmy's advise seems in line with the info I've been shown.
Here is a site with some good composting info:

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