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What's that awful smell?

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Yesterday after not going into the garden for 3 days (ooops! lotsa rain, trip to town, and feeling sick) I was excited to find 4 large heads of broccoli!

So, my dd cut them off and brought them in the house. They LOOKED great, but smelled awfully strong.

After milking, I came back in and started cutting them up in prep for cooking and noticed a few worms on the undersides.

So, I dunked them in water, then ran water over them in a colander.... and finally when I thought I had them all, I put them in the pan with hot water. MORE worms started floating up to the top! [email protected]@! Yuck.
I ended up putting the broccoli in the pig bucket.

I have 3 more heads of broccoli and I hate to waste it. Any ideas?
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Place the heads in a sink (or large pan) of well salted water. The worms will all come out.
These are probably loopers, imported cabbage worms, or perhaps broccoli head worms.

Soak the fresh broccoli in cold salted water for a half hour prior to cooking. The worms will float to the top.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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