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What's that awful smell?

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Yesterday after not going into the garden for 3 days (ooops! lotsa rain, trip to town, and feeling sick) I was excited to find 4 large heads of broccoli!

So, my dd cut them off and brought them in the house. They LOOKED great, but smelled awfully strong.

After milking, I came back in and started cutting them up in prep for cooking and noticed a few worms on the undersides.

So, I dunked them in water, then ran water over them in a colander.... and finally when I thought I had them all, I put them in the pan with hot water. MORE worms started floating up to the top! [email protected]@! Yuck.
I ended up putting the broccoli in the pig bucket.

I have 3 more heads of broccoli and I hate to waste it. Any ideas?
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chop them in the food processor and think happy thoughts about all of the store bought chopped broccolli you have eaten in your life.
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