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What's needed/suggested for butchering a hog?

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I'm planning on butchering my first hog. The biggest thing I've ever done before has been deer so I need a little advice.

The main question on my mind right now is what kind of platform would you suggest I have to do the actual butchering on? Right now I'm thinking of taking some lumber and build a platform out of a 4X8 piece of plywood and cover that with either a tarp or plastic. Too big? Too small? Do I need the cover? How high would you suggest I make the platform? I don't want to be bending over the entire time I'm cutting the carcass up. Should I slope the platform to allow for drainage?

What kind of 'tools' would you suggest? Here's what I have now.

I've got the hog :)

A tractor with a front end loader/bucket and chains which I plan to use to hang the carcass to skin and gut it.

Sawsall to split the carcass and to cut it down to smaller pieces. What blade should I use?

A few OK knives and sharpener to cut and bone the pieces.

Running cold water and access to (but not that easy to do) running warm water if needed
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A meat grinder is a must if you plan on making sausage.
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