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Whats my pigs problem?

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I have two pigs. A duroc and a yorkshire. The duroc is thriving nicely but my Yorkshire is not. Its sunburned and just constantly is scratching its body everywhere. I imagine related to the sunburn. He was doing fine til this past week. The temps have been decent but they also knocked their water out of the ground so they didn't have constant water for a few days. I gave birth so we were a bit distracted but at least it was a cool week. Tonight I went out there and I told Dh that the pig is looking not so great. Its skin is wrinkly and a bit saggy and its appetite is not ate for a few minutes but seemed disinterested... its acting depressed..

is it sick or is it mopey from wanting a wallowing hole?
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Very likely, a number of things. First, wrinkly saggy skin is indicative of dehydration. Make sure they have enough water to dump all they want to and still have plenty left over to drink. Let them wallow if they want. It's what pigs do. No appetite, also dehydration related. Sunburn will cause them to have a fever, lose appetite and not drink enough. Get them some shade. A pink pig needs protection from the sun.

Fix these things first. If the pig isn't doing remarkably better the same day, give him a shot of banamine for the pain/fever from the sunburn and some B12 for appetite stimulant.

Shade, mud, water always when it's warm.
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