What's eating my leaves?

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  1. Hi,

    Something is eating all the leaves of my honey due melon, zucchini, pumpkin, and cucumber plants. I was thinking possible vine borers but I don’t see any saw dust stuff on the ground and the leaves are not turning yellow before diapering. Basically full leaves are disappearing all together and they are going fast. Real fast. I need to solve this quickly. I’m in south Florida. Does anyone know what it could be? And how can I fix this problem. Help please!
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    What kind of damage do you see on the other leaves, if this was beetles, you would see them during the day. If its done at night and you see nothing, its probably slugs, try spreading some dry sand or lime around the plant.
  4. I finally found my culprit. It’s a baby iguana that lives on my dock. He sneaks up to my garden and eat the tender baby leaves. My cucumbers came back, and so did my watermelons when I let the weeds grow tall around them. The problem is the iguana keeps eating the leaves off of my pumpkin and honeydew melon vines. One of the odd gardening situations I face in Florida. lol