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There were many different designs for corn cribs. A popular one around here was a round design made of steel mesh with a rounded top like you would see on a silo. There was a round tube in the center for ventilation.

The grainery on our dairy farm had 8x30 corn cribs on both sides, and grain bins on top, all made from wood. The middle of the building was open and high enough to back in a semi and load from the grain bins by gravity. The corn cribs were flat bottomed and you had to shovel the ear corn. When we bought it we had the previous owner fill it. Shoveling ear corn is work :) . I've seen other flat bottom cribs built so you could slide a flight conveyor under the floor and remove floor slats as the bin emptied so it would at least partially gravity flow and you could just push it to the conveyor.

Rats were a problem and I think poison was the most common solution. I remember a corn crib crawling with rats on my grandparents farm. Spent some time shooting them with a .22.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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