What to rotate?

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    Jul 16, 2017
    So, my wife and I are taking over her fathers organic farm.
    This year was a lot of home renovations and barn upkeep but now we are getting those projects under control and starting to try to figure out what are plans will be for the next 5 years.
    The total land is 87 acres. We have about 12 acres of organic christmas trees which have been his main business venture the last ten years.
    And we have about 45 acres of field which is mostly just hay. But its been hay for a while and we need to figure out what to do with that field next so that we can replenish the soil nutrients. Her father has gotten by with the hay but hasn't rotated because he doesn't have the right equipment. Typically we will work with neighboring farmers when we have a need for a machine we dont have, BUT none of them are organic. So we haven't been able to team up with any of them to actually plant a new crop on that field. they all want to spray. so the question is, what do we do about this hay field? We need a good fairly simple crop to rotate in for next year or the year after, that will do well to help the soil but won't need spraying or a ton of machinery.
    Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks
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    Nov 14, 2008
    Your questions generate many more. Grass hay or legume-grass mixture, or pure legume? What about the other 30 acres not mentioned? What is an organic Christmas tree? How many trees are left to harvest? Has the hay been harvested each year? Are there any weeds in it? What does it matter if another farmer's machinery isn't organic? Have you done any soil testing? Have you talked with an extension agent? Have you talked with a USDA ORGANIC certifier? Are there any animals involved? Can you irrigate? What is your location and climate?

    Need further clarification.....