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What time do you milk?

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Just find it interesting how different goat people function. So. What time do you milk and how did you decide on that time?
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We milk at around 9 am and then again at around 5 pm...
9 is a good time in the morning for me as it gives me around 1 hour to surf the boards and have coffee after getting my kids off to school....the afternoon time is when they get home from school and have a bit of time to get out of school clothes.
7:00 AM and 7:00 PM

It works for my personal schedule.

Before breakfast, and then I get other stuff done after milking.

After supper.
6:30 am. and 5:30 pm. I want more milk in the mornings for customers.
In between 6 and 8 in the morning and the same for the night. It really depends on our schedule for the day.
Well shoot I'm jealous. If I want to get anything done it has to get done before the kids get out of bed in the morning or after my oldest is home from school (the 2yr old keeps me pretty tied down). I'm up now days at 4:15 which gives me enough time to have a cup of coffee and answer emails or whatever before it's light enough to find my way to the barn safely, about 5:15. Then after I'm done with milking and feeding chores I can spend some time in the garden before having to get the kids up at 7. If the weather cooperates then in between breakfast, nap time and lunch the 2yr old helps me with chores outside but we don't get much of anything done till my oldest is home after school. I can't wait for summer break.
Kinda deviating the subject but how's once a day milking working for you canadiangirl?
Twice a day here. (although I wish it were once a day)

Between 7-8 am ...................6-7 pm ..........depending on our day.

I had to move the evening time up because of church services.
7 a.m. because that's when I wake up and she's waiting for me.

8 p.m. because all the other animals are bedded down for the night, and it's quiet time for just Trub and me.
I like my ME time in the mornings.. a cup of coffee and a visit to the outside world on the computer.

I milk at 10AM....then again at 10PM.

We live in the land of the Midnight Sun...a few goat friends of mine milk at noon and midnight. It's light either way in summer.
When I had children in sports activities we didn't get home until 9 pm most nights so, staying with the 12 hr milking schedule, I milked on the 9's...9AM, and 9PM. Yeah, sometimes by trouble lights or flashlite. But it worked well with having to run children to school and getting home after baseball games at night. Plus the children then milked their own goat themselves at night!

-Scrt Crk
I milk once a day. in the evenings between 5:30 and 6:30. Once i get me and my girls trained better, i may switch to twice a day, but for now, it is to much in the morning. I get up around 4:45 get kids up and breakfast fixed, kids to bus stop and me to work by 6:30. I will need to get a lot faster with the milking to "squeeze" in a morning milking. Pun intended!!:pound:
I milk once, in the morning, usually after 8 am.

I used to milk twice a day, but we didn't need that much milk & at the time we weren't selling any.

But now that we have DD 14 months, I may go back to milking twice a day as she's almost exhausted the frozen milk supply we had during dry time.

We have two does ready to kid in two weeks. We got a late start on breeding last fall and I'm getting REALLY anxious to get some fresh milk!

When I milk once a day, I milk in the am & then let the kids nurse during the day, lock them up at night, then milk in the am again.
I milk my Alpine doe at 9am & 9pm. She's got more than enough for her kids and she saves it all for me during the night. I get a 3/4 gallon in the morning but only a pint or so at night but I'm trying to keep her production up.
The Nigerians I only milk in the morning since they don't give as much, but when their kids are weaned, I'll start milking them at 9&9 too.
I hate getting up real early especially when it's chilly.
3am but I have to be at work at 430 then 530pm
7:00 in the morning because thats about the time its light and I feel human.
7:00 at night because that is when I get home from milking the cows.
An hour one way or the other if my schedule gets messed with.
11am and 11 pm I'm busy with the kids in the morning (we homeschool) and I'm a night owl so 11 pm works pretty nice!
Berty... I was wondering what to do. I will be homeschooling this fall and wonder when I should tend to the animals before or after school? Im afraid that once we get outside it will be hard for me to corral my children back into the house for some edumacation! S I was thinking doing it before they got up... which I usually do but they are waking earlier now and don't like to leave them alone that long. or after school, but not sure if that is to long for the goats to wait???

I use to milk 10-10... sometimes earlier in the mourning if we had church or something.
Christie.... For me, the earlier I get up, the earlier my kids are up so it works to do chores after breakfast and first part of our school day. I do my first milking when the kids have a break. Sometimes they are in the barn with me. Then it works nice to do my second milking after the kids are sleeping. It is hard to get back to school work once outside but we have a pretty relaxed schedule. I try to do the most important lessons in the morning, that way if we get side tracked, I don't feel too bad. It works really well for us but if I was an early bird rather than a night owl, I'd probably do the opposite and milk super early before kids were up and then again at a break in the afternoon. I've experimented with different times but 11 and 11 works the best for me.
And look at the time... better get my butt out to the barn!! Good luck with homeschooling!! :D
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