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What Slow Down

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I am just not seeing the "crunch" taking place here like they say it is. There is still a lot of building going on here,two brand new subdivisions going in,Acouple of business buildings. I went to do the grocery shopping saturday and Wally world was just absoutely packed.My DW went into the Mall areas and said the same was going on there.We turn on the tv and and they say the economy has dropped so much and people are in such dire shape.Maybe we are in a safe area but I'm just not seeing the dire cutbacks everyone is talking about!The national news was talking about how the major credit cards were reporting over 20% loses on spending,one example was jewerly, expenditures on over a $1000 items was 21% down by average people. Maybe thats the problem,"average" people around here don't spend $1000 on jewerly purchases here. If you can afford that you don't fit into our "average" citizen group!By the way our gas went down to $1.57 this weekend,a month ago it was $4.35!
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We've not seen it here either. We don't know anyone who has lost their jobs. Several factories have closed in town, but we don't know anyone who worked in them. Everyone we know has a job and has enough money to pay their bills and feed their families (as far as they've cared to let us know, that is). The only people who I have talked to who are really scared are the ones who watch the news all the time.

People are still building new houses, buying new cars, and Christmas shopping. I truly believe that so much of the fear is media-induced and I simply refuse to succomb to it.
I don't think that the media is making this up, if anything, I think they are downplaying the worst of the news. But I do think that a lot of people aren't worried. Kayleigh
I don't think they are making it up, but I think watching it and hearing about it constantly on the news does nothing but bad things for your mental health.
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