What should I plant between corn rows?

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  1. I have a corn patch that is about 20' X 30' and am currently harvesting sweet corn out of it right now. I figure in about another week I should be through harvesting the ears. The stalks should provide shade for about another 2 weeks before they dry up too much. So I'm thinking that while there is still shade I should start either a cover crop in between the rows or plant some type of vegetable and hope they are up and going before it gets too hot.

    In late July and August our annual summer drought could hit with temps of 100 or more, thus eliminating most vegetable crops. However I am not sure about cover crops that would survive that much heat.

    Any suggestions out there?
  2. BaronsMom

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    May 22, 2005
    My folks plant melons - cantelope and pumpkins between their sweet corn rows. I planted pumpkins one year and it worked out great. Pretty late to get those started though in my area - wouldn't be ripe by the first frost.

    I know this isn't a "crop" but my dad has also planted zinnias between his sweet corn rows. When the sweet corn is done, he pulls out the stalks. The zinnias are a wonderful splash of color until frost - so easy to start from seed and the flowers love hot, dry weather (once they get started)

    You might be able to find some plants from the cabbage family at a garden center for a fall crop or wait, here is some information that might help....

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    Feb 4, 2003
    I'm not picking corn yet but two weeks ago I planted a row of carrots down the center of one of my rows. I have kept the corn mulched with grass clippings but it has been so dry the groung dried up a lot and I have had to water. I moved the grass back and hoed up a deep trench and added some compost and planted the seeds. There are comming up fine and I should be able to thin them out in a few days. I also planted some lettuce on one side of the last row of corn but it has not come up yet.
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    If you want a cover crop try rape or winter rye both will grow fast,Oh don't forget Buckwheat it produces grain fast just a couple months .
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    Hmm, I haven't though about doing that - interesting. How about some broccoli from seed? Contrary to what people think broccoli can be grown from seed and not have to be started indoors and planted. The two weeks of heat will help it get started (with water) and it won't be bothered by fall frost if you get any there.
  6. thanks everyone. I think I will plant some soybean and till it under. Start getting it ready for next summers potato crop.