What medications/supplements should be on hand for new sheep owner?

Discussion in 'Sheep' started by AndreaR, Feb 2, 2005.

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    Aug 6, 2003
    Alberta, Canada
    I'm hoping you'all can give me a hand with a list of sheep meds or supplements I should have on hand in case of emergency or routine treatment. I am a new owner of 5 Shetland sheep, 2 Jacob sheep and some more coming this spring, hopefully some Black Welsh Mountain and Tunis sheep. The Shetlands and Jacobs are due to have babies in March/April.

    I have Ivermectin to start with as I already have rabbits. Should I have some vitamins and anitibiotics on hand? What worming medication is best? What antibiotics should I have?

    Andrea in warm chinooky Central Alberta, Canada
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    You don't say what your selenium situation is like, but I live in a "no-selenium zone" so I keep a Vit E/Selenium paste on hand. Keep liquid vit E to prevent white muscle in fast growing ram lambs, for lambing I have Pipestone Vet's Baby Lamb Strength, a sack of Nursemate first milk, a tube and syringe, 8 pounds of milk replacer. Before lambing we give CDC injections... and we keep 2 bottles of antibiotics rolling around in the fridge just in case.

    We also seem to have a LOT of syringes floating around. Last year we used Valbazen to worm with good results.

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    A similar question was asked months ago and I found it using the search function here. (it really does work quite well) I wanted to answer but my brain is only half here as i was up all night with new lambs coming. There were some good answers and it would be wonderful to add some more in this thread from new members! Check out Sheep First Aid Kit
    We use Safeguard crumbles alot as it is the easiest method of worming. It is an off lable use of the wormer. Ivomec is an alternative here and we've used Levamisol as well. For external parasites (Ivomec drench and injectable do not kill external parasites on sheep, as it does on other animals) We use a product called "De-Lice" topically.