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What kind of Bantams are we?

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DH told me to go to TSC even though he knew I've been avoiding it like the plague!! Long story short, I have 6 bantams.

What kind of bantam cochin is this?

Tiny- Wings are coming in partridge color. This is the ABSOLUTE smallest chick I've ever seen in my life!!!!

Tiny with bantam cochin in a folgers coffee can (I store the inside chicks chick feed in it)

Tiny next to a buff orp chick


I'm thinking she/he is either a crele oegb or a bantam partridge rock (according to chick pics I've seen) but I am nowhere near sure.

Golden Seabright chick (I have two)

Mille Fleur D'Uccle bantam chick (I have two)
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Probably an OEG bantam. I have several new ones just as small.
What kinds of oegb's have partridge/brownish but not solid brownish wingtips?

The wingtips are looking alot like those of some of the serama's on the backyardchicken website. Maybe I got a serama?
Hard to say at this point. Lot of chicks look similar but the feathers come in different patterns and colors.

I can't imagine TSC would have Seramas.
Yeah, that is what I was thinking. I will definitely be happy with an oegb.

Does anyone have any idea what the bantam cochin's color is going to be?

The hatchery said that Tiny would have to be a red pyle oegb but that isn't possible as red pyle oegb chicks are white. I'm so confused!!
Which hatchery?
Mt Healthy- confirmed it with TSC. I called them and the lady I spoke to was very nice but clueless- said the only oegb's they have in the mixed shipments are red pyles. I explained that it's either an oegb or a serama and it's not a red pyle oegb as their chicks are white and this is a chipmunk. I asked her what other oegb's they bred and she didn't know. She also couldn't tell me about the bantam cochin colors.

She suggested I take pics and email them, and said I had already taken lots of pics and where should I email them? I sent the email and am awaiting an answer for both of these chicks. Hopefully they will send a reply fairly quickly.
My guess is its a black breasted red OEGB. They are the most common color.
Mt Healthy's web site is no help either. All they have is a bantam assortment.
I was thinking a bbred too but it's wingtip feathers are coming in a definite partridgy color/pattern. That's what made me think a possible crele oegb. Is this normal for a bb red?
I got an unexpected Bantam in an order last year. He looked the same as the little brown chick you have. he was Spangled OEGB.
That would be AWESOME!!!

What hatchery did you order from?

OK a spangled hen is definitely in the running- tiny's wingtips look exactly like a spangled oegb hen's wingtips. I think Tiny is a hen as she has a definite straight line going through her eye.
I ordered through our local feed store last year, they got their chicks last year from new mexico. I had only been around Silkies and this little fellow was a surprise. Titus was an amazing little fellow. I did not have the heart to clip his comb ( can't recall the correct term). So I kept him natural.

A fox late in the season ended his life and broke my heart. But this year I ordered from TX some Porcelain Dutch Bantams. Titus got me hooked on little bantams and I no longer raise Silkies.

I can not wait for our Fair. I do hope you enjoy your OEGB, Titus had more personality than any breed of chicken I have shared my life with and his spangled coloring was breath-taking. GOOD LUCK and keep the forum posted on those pretty chicks!
I will definitely keep posting pics now that I know how to get them from my camera to my laptop- used to be this huge ordeal, now it's just a memory card. lol

I'm so sorry to hear about Titus. He sounded like a cool roo. I don't show poultry (our county fair doesn't even allow poultry) so I won't bother with that either.
Tiny looks like an OEG - possibly a BB red. We have some this year.
The "buff Cochin" - actually looks like our Buff Brahma Chicks.

Okay here is Tiny a week or so later

And here is Charlie the cochin/brahma/no clue a week or so later. Now I'm really stumped by him. He is getting alot of color!

Any new thoughts?
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Oh and I spoke to Mt. Healthy Hatchery again today, they lost my email I sent them last week (after confirming they had received it). So I sent it again. The lady on the phone said that the bantam chicks could be ANYTHING and they would not be able to tell by pics as they order assorted bantam eggs from other places. She was friendly but not helpful in the least.
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