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"What is this? (Repost with new pic and scale)

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Thank you so much for all the input- here is an idea of the size of the thing, as suggested.

the top:

and here is the underside:

I will try to get the rust off too, but any ideas would be helpful- Im really curious!

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I'm guessing part of an old musket lock.
It's a quarter!!!
The Capone treasure Geraldo was looking for?

OK, seriously, maybe some sort of spring?
I think I see Waldo.
to me it looks like a broken knife from an old meat grinder.

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Its a sash lock from an old double-hung wooden window.

...or it could just be a quarter.
It's a rusty piece of metal next to a quarter and a ruler.
Sash lock sounds right to me.
Sash lock or a hinge. Does it matter at this point?
no it doesn't matter. I just was wondering. ANd to the op- we found it in the back yard.
ok it was a nut that went on a horse drawn plow it was to hold the side blades on . it was made so you could take it on or of with the tap of a hammer da da da :sing:
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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