What is the best way to sell old vehicles?

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  1. My dad past away a few short years ago and left behind two old vehicles that I need to do something with. One is a 1969 International pickup. No engine and the body appears to be made up of two different vehicles. I guess he was rebuilding it and it does have a title in his name. The other vehicle is either a 41 or 42 chevy car. Has motor and everything but we can't find a title to it. Its condition is Rusty on the outside. The seats are all ate up from mice. Needs a lot of TLC. I do remember him driving this home when he parked it. May only need a new battery but not sure.

    Any ideals of what would be the best way to sell this vehicles and get the most money for the least hassle?
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    What we do is advertise in the local weekly shopper, which charges a varying rate depending on advertised price, but you pay only when it sells. If it doesn't sell you pay a $2 listing charge every 6 weeks. You need to figure out a reasonable price for the vehicles, put the high end price in the add as long as the price isn't going to scare off potential buyers. That gives you some bargaining room. I always mention any major problems in the ad so I don't have people showing up just to be disappointed. We just sold a VW Rabbit diesel and a Yamaha 350 road bike in a week or so with no problems.

    I think the main thing is to make sure your price is in the ball-park so you don't scare off potential buyers. And I think you need to list a price to avoid excessive phone calls.

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    Please check the date of the chevy car, there were very few civilian vehicles manufactured in the WW2 era, you may have a collectors item.
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    Consider e-bay. I've done quite well selling complete running cars and parts cars there. It's a very good place to sell odd cars that have a very specific or limited market appeal.

    Selling a running drivable car is expensive on e-bay, $80. But the final sale price has usually been quite a bit higher than I'd have gotten locally. This applies to special vehicles far more than generic cars.

    Parts cars have the regular listing fees of things, so you're usually looking at less than $5 to list the car, and probably no more than $40 at the end of the auction.
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    Mitch is right....I have heard that some of the 1942 models bring absolutely outlandish prices because of the cease of car manufacturing during WWII. I would find out exactly what year it is.
    I would list the car on ebay. Take tons of photos, and show all of its problems.
    I would not think that getting a new title for the car would be a big deal. Some hassle, but no big deal.
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    truck them to a swap meet and it will sell itself.
  7. Well I've looked around everywhere I can think of on-line and I just can't find much info on the 69 IH pickup. To bad it's not a scout as they are in top demand. With no info I have no ideal as to what I should ask for it. I guess I could list it on ebay starting with 50 dollar bid and see what happens. I need to ask my Uncle if he knows what year/make the old car is. It's setting at his house so he should know what it is. In fact both of the vehicles are at his house. He asked me the other day what I was going to do with my dads vehicles that's setting at his house. I looked at him puzzled and said "I didn't know my dad had any vehicles at your house!"
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    There are clubs and organizations for everything. i would research the net for clubs concerning each particular vehicle.
    try www.chevytalk.com
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    ebay might be a good idea.
    The earliest 1942 Chevys (built in 1941) had chrome grills, etc., but after we got into WWII they painted surfaces rather than chrome them, to save chrome for military use. These cars were more rare.
    Ray Mac