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What is the best thing you use for litter for indoors?

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I recently got 2 New Zealands and have them inside while the temps outside are high. What have you found to be the best litter to use?
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I use a premium pine bedding, but I don't have my rabbits sitting in it. Their inside cages have wire floors and I use the litter in the bottom pan for any droppings that may come through when they are inside their hutch. Bedding often sticks to the rabbits' bottoms. I have heard that cedar and other types have been linked to several illnesses in rabbits. Seems to be much controversy in that area. Check the archives for May/June, I think there are some postings on the subject. We have high temps here also, but I use ice bottles to cool down my buns and have exhaust fans drawing out the heat. Good luck, Donna
My cage is also wire above the bottom (about 1 inch clearance). Right now I put a small container inside and put litter in it and they seem to do all their urinating in that it seems to make clean up a lot easier. Clean the small one 2 times a week and the larger one once a week or so.
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