What is Outlook Express?

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  1. I understand browers, Opera, Mozilla, Netscape and Internet Explorer, but what is Outlook Express and what is it used for. Strictly Email?

    How is it different than IE?

    Hotmail no longer supports older systems and I've been told I must update or might be able to use Outlook Express. Not really interested in anything else, so figure I'll just have to scratch using Hotmail and a disposable Email address.

    Yahoo has all sorts of advertisements on theirs that I don't like, so hate to use it. It is still supported however.

    Uh, back to the question, what is Outlook Express.

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    Outlook Express is M$ built in email client for windows operating system. Hotmail is owned by M$ and instead of pop3, it uses some proprietary method of popping email. OE is made to do this as an option. If you want to use an email client with Hotmail and dont want to be limited to OE, there are software out there that act as a proxy and enter email though website automatically. Some email clients like Foxmail have such built in. There are others that work with any pop3 email client like web2pop or hotpops. Sure there are others. I really suggest unless you need to keep an old well known Hotmail address active that you consider other free email services. The Australian, Canadian, New Zealand versions of Yahoo still provide free pop3 service. Just pick option that you want say Australian content when you sign up with Yahoo and you will get a Yahoo account with pop3. I use Juno email myself. Just signed up for free 10hr Juno isp account then didnt bother to download software, but put settings into my email client. Works great with little or no spam and I've used it for couple years now. Have heard if you use Juno software, you get lot of spam. Dont know though.

    GMX.net is also good pop3 email, but you have to sign up in German. UK version of Lycos has free pop3 and is ok. There are couple other UK pop3 emails, cant think of name right now. BlueBottle is another American one. There are few out there.

    If you dont need pop3, then look at Myway.com No ads. Also check web2pop, there might be a module so you can use your email client with myway. Web2pop has modules for many free web only emails so you can use them with your email client.
  4. Thanks for the responses. Since there are not a lot of contacts that have my Hotmail address, I'll just contact them to let them know I'm trashing the account. Too bad, I really liked Hotmail.

    I already have an Yahoo account set up as I'm getting ready to take an advanced Email class and they require it. Just don't like it with all of the ads, especially those flashing ones. I hate screen movement, even such as those *&%#&* smiley faces so many use. I usually just hit the stop button to stop the movement. With ads, you sometimes can't do that.

    My main Email is through my ISP, which I use my Netscape to access.

    Thanks for all of your help in answering my question. I appreciate it, and with the responses being so quick.