What is 'normal' cloud burst??

Discussion in 'Goats' started by Belinda, Nov 14, 2004.

  1. Belinda

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    Can anyone tell me what a normal cloud burst looks like?
    The (sparce) info I have so far suggests "thick milky discharge".
    My Old (12 years???) goat 'decided' she was pregnant after I gave her a new (young) friend for company - I don't breed goats; just have them for the joy of it.
    I have only ever kept does, so definately no pregnancy here, just a huge milky udder and pseudo pregnancy.

    Eventually the cloud burst came - puddles of thick muddy goo!!

    Have you seen a cloud burst? Is my goat's discharge (color and quantity) normal?????????

    Thanks so much

  2. Vicki McGaugh TX Nubians

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    May 6, 2002
    North of Houston TX
    I have only had one, in a 12 year old. Huge amounts of clear slimy liquid. I would be worried about uterine infection if it was dark. There is no kids, no material, no nothing, because it is all hormonal. Our doe also came into milk, not a true lactation for what she normally would have milked. She also rebred back 8 weeks later and had 2 normal doelings. I think elderly goats are more prone to the bizarre, old eggs can bring you things you have never seen before. I don't use any information on my older does kiddings to tell me anything about the genetic makeup of my stock.

    Sounds like your does have a nice home. Vicki

  3. Belinda

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    Thanks for your information Vicki.
    It has been difficult finding (detailed) information about pseudo pregnancies in goats and I no longer have a vet with good goat experience within reasonable distance - the vet I have has to go look stuff up when I ask questions!! Not very reassuring.
    However they did say, as you did, that the dark color may indicate an infection.
    So far, so good. She's eating well and comes running (racing the other goat) to get the kitchen scraps.
    The vet did mention that she may have a reoccurrance after 8 weeks; that a doe who has had one p'preg is more likely to have another. I don't fancy her living out her days with that udder!

    Interesting that our girls were both old when the pseudopregnancy occurred and fortunate for you that it hasn't occurred more frequently or in younger animals.

    I have this image in my head of numerous nubians strolling and grazing the Texan pastures - looks good to me...

    OK, I'll catch you later; gonna hit the 'names' thread...


  4. moonspinner

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    Jul 2, 2002
    western NY
    The lone experience I've had w/ false pregnancy was with a three yr old nigie. But this girl was "bred" and started developing just like it was for real and kept me going almost the whole five months. Sure enough, right on schedule she delivered the "cloud burst" over the course of a couple days. I expected one huge amount of discharge but that wasn't how it happened. It was several streams of milky-ish clear liquid. And actually, I've heard just the opposite - that goats who've had false pregnancies are not any more prone to more than does who've never had one. But then you said your girl was not exposed to bucks - might be a different story there. I also don't know if age tends to bring on more of these.