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What does your Christmas tree look like?

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*I looked back several pages to see if there was a thread about this already...I didn't see one*

What does everyone's tree/s look like this year?

We have three 7ft. trees. Two are green and one is white.
Green tree #1 has clear lights, pinecones, red berries, gold bows, birds, and glass snow flakes

Green tree #2 has clear lights gold ribbon and bows and all glitter ornaments

White tree has colored lights with multi color bows and ornaments.

Hopefully I will be able to post pics. soon. What does your tree look like? :)
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This year's model is a 4 ft artificial with clear lights, a gold and green bow, gold glass balls, pink satin balls, Victorian looking floral balls, miniature fruit and birds.

I have two trees in different styles - depending on the ages of my children. If I have children under two, I only put up the 4 ft tree - if I am in between infants (LOL) I put up the 4 ft fancy tree and the fun, colorful 6ft "kid tree" that the family prefers. Even though the FUN tree is all plastic, I can't stand picking up ornaments and thinking about hooks lodged in throats, so I only put that up after the kids learn the meaning of "look, but don't touch!" :) I like both trees, which is why I have two - I can't make up my mind! Next year, when we spend our first Christmas at the new place, I may add a third - if I can find a bargain on a tree! I will attempt to post a pic later, but I have never done it before, so I may fail...:(

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