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Discussion in 'Homesteading Questions' started by james dilley, Oct 26, 2006.

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    Mar 21, 2004
    deep south texas
    The posts on Money in Farming .Got me thinking.If you were to plant your acreage for high dollar crops what would you plant???My plan is the first year To plant Pinto beans and food grade corn. Take the Profit from that crop. Then plant A acre or two of Citrus trees. I have A Nursery down here that will start the sour root stock for me and Graft the varities I want for A decent price. Cost is A bout $2.00 A tree that way. second year plant seedless watermelons and Squash. And repeat with the crop cycles till the tract is planted to 100% Citrus trees.
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    May 11, 2002
    Your question reminded me of the Chicago couple who bought a little "homestead" in Indiana. They were told by friends they should start out with chickens. They purchased 100 day old chicks and planted them in the garden. The next morning they were all dead. They knew they needed good advice so they called Purdue, the state agriculture college. They were asked if they had watered the chicks. Since they hadn't, they bought 100 more and planted them in the garden being careful to wet each one down really well. Next morning, all dead. Again called Purdue. This time they were told by the school that they needed more information, would they please send them a soil test?

    Therefore JD it's important to get a soil test before you start. Why not raise Christmas trees for the Winter Texans?

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    Jun 5, 2005
    huh huh... :rolleyes:

    Now, back to the question.. around here about the only crop that offers any sort of really decent value in terms of space/labor/water usage is blueberries. I have a few hedgerows of them, and they produce very well and require minimal care except at time of planting, when they have soil requirements that must be met. Then there is also about a 4-5 year time frame before they start to bear any appreciable quantities of berries per shrub. The upside is that insect problems are just about nil, and the plants must only be fed a couple of times a year.

    There is also a large pick-your-own operation in a neighboring town that does well, so the market for blueberries in this area is definitely there. I would not care to do pick-your-own but try to market the berries directly somehow. Unfortunately, I am not planning to stay in this area, and the area I am going to move to is not suitable for blueberries, so something else will have to be thought up.
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    Tobacco, its legal to sell it again. :dance:
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    Oct 13, 2004
    I think we would plant grapes. There are several new wineries springing up in our local area that are looking for places to contract grapes from. (strange.. I know.. Nebraska! LOL!!). We have a very nice sloping east facing hill that would be perfect for certain types of grapes.. and about 15 acres of that! From what what I have read, once they are established, we could net close to $4K per acre. Now that is a LOT of grapes.. and a lot of work.. but it is way more than we could make on those same acres doing anything else in our neck of the woods!

    We would start with one acre and slowly plant more since the start up costs would be more than we could afford at first. So it would be a long term project and would need to be coordinated with the wineries, too.