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What do you think about this feed blend?

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Ok, I have switched from buying pre packaged feed to feed from our local grain elevator. What do you think about this blend.

Corn 3.75 BU
Oats 5.63 BU
Honor Goat Blend R80 180lbs
Molasses Liquid 30lbs

What are your opionions?

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I have Boers, with fainters and one pygmy. So basically meat goats. i do not show, although we would like to later. I have 4 buck(lings), and about 20 does.

I decided i want to try to mix my own, it just seems like my goats don't put on weight like I would like. They browse in my woods from morning till evening, and get their grain at night. I do not feed hay right now since they have plenty of browse.

I bought Beet Pulp, BOSS, and oats today. What else should I add to it? What minerals do you all feed? I have tried Goat blcks, which they like, but I hear that is bad for their teeth. They won't touch loose mineral, even when mixed in their feed. Our TSC does not carry much for goats, plenty of Horse supplements though. LOL

Thanks all.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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