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What do you think about this feed blend?

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Ok, I have switched from buying pre packaged feed to feed from our local grain elevator. What do you think about this blend.

Corn 3.75 BU
Oats 5.63 BU
Honor Goat Blend R80 180lbs
Molasses Liquid 30lbs

What are your opionions?

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We put 50# of molasses per 1000# of feed and it isn't wet at all. It worked out really well. If your phosphorus is high, you can add some calcium carbonate but make sure you aren't making up a huge difference with it. You need to shoot for a 2:1 ration on the Ca:p ratio and that will be suffiecient if you are feeding hay with some alfalfa in it which adds a considerable amount of calcium to the diet. The problem is, you are adding corn and oats, both high in phosphorus, to an already, most likely, balanced pelleted feed. You need something with calcium to offset, like alfalfa pallets. Making a balanced ration isn't easy and is pretty important, if you don't want a trainwreck.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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