What do red flecks in milk mean?

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    Mar 7, 2005
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    After we had milked one of my goats, Spreckles, and filtered her milk, we noticed that there were some kind of dried blood flecks on the filter. :( For background, this goat is not pregnant, never has been, (except for a false pregnancy recently) and isn't producing more than 14oz a day. She will be two years old this May. I have been treating her udder like it should be treated; ie, washing it with udder wash before milking, milking her out, and then spraying her teats with Fight-Bac. Other than the blood flecks, there are no lumps in the milk, and the milk isn't off-color.

    Is something wrong with her? What is it? What do I do to fix? :confused:

  2. mpillow

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    Jan 24, 2003
    I have a doe that did this off and on. It can be a sign of mastitis but not always. I think its a fairly common occurence among heavy milkers. As long as she keeps with a soft udder and milks normally and its just a few flecks I wouldnt worry too much.

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    Sometimes heavy milkers will produce a little blood at the start of lactation. Smlall vessels break I guess because of all the pressure of that very full udder. Also if she was doing a lot of running or someone was chasing her or bunted her it could have bruised the bag and caused blood flecks for a few days. I once had a doe who was a heavy milker with a pendulous bag who had slightly pinkish milk her entire lactation---needless to say her milk went to calves and never into the house!
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    I have a Snubian that is a very heavy milker. Every so often I get a few red flakes in the milk, I just filter it out. I see it oooh.. about 3 times a year or so.
    Nothing to worry about. Other than Mastitis, which would show other symptoms like a hot udder, swelling, etc. At first, I also panicked and thought something might be wrong, but it's just a blood vessel breaking from the weight of the milk my vet told me.