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Is there anything 'special' i should try to find for ym sewing machine (I have a older Singer, and a Husqvarna-Viking 'Sarah') to make quilting easier or more precise?

I am making a full size quilt for my daughter as one of her gifts, and discovered I really enjoy quilting. This gift for her was really just a spur of the moment thing because I saw some fabric I had and thought it would go together really nice asa quilt, being girly and pink (her favorite thing). I'd like to make each of my other kids a quilt, as well as a quilt for my bed. Maybe even have a few extra crib sized ones to give at baby showers, who knows.

This is something I could see myself getting into, and would like to use my machines to the best of their ability. Are there special feet that are more appropriete for quilting?

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