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What are my chances? Incubator question

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I put about 25 dozen chicken eggs and 16 goose eggs in my incubator on Saturday. Today, the temp had dropped to 94 degrees. My folks have a friend with an identical incubator to mine, so I loaded all the trays in my car and hustled over to load them in his incubator. Do these eggs have a chance of hatching? or have I lost all of them? This was over $55 worth of eggs, so I'm quite nervous about the possibility of loosing them.
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They stand a good chance of making it if temps are kept stable.
You may have a draggy hatch. I would give them an axtra day or 2 after normal hatching day. One of my early batches this year was cool at the start, but after the slow hatch all developed great with no losses.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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