what age to breed dairy goats

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    Is there an ideal age to breed my kid dairy goats? is there a better time of the year for them to take the breeding. I dont want a billy getting them premature. Thanks.
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    Size is more important than age. A doeling should be 80% of the average, adult weight for her breed. Some doelings reach this at 9 months old; others reach it at 14 months old.

    Some breeds, such as Nubians, Boers, Spanish, Nigerian Dwarfs, Pygmies, etc., can breed year around, and have cycles every 21 days or so.

    Other breeds, such as Saanens, Alpines, Oberhaslis, Toggenbergs, etc., are seasonal breeders that go into heat during the fall and early winter.

    I hope that helps!

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    I agree with Caliann, I dont breed mine till I think they are mature enough and old enough to handle it. I have some that would be great but too young and then I have a few yearlings I held over till next breeding as they still acted too young.

    With Nigerians when I had them I would wait till they are at least 15 mths old or older to breed as they are still growing and some dont do well bred early.
    With my Nubians and Alpines I go with 9 mths or older depending on if they were twins or singles or triplets. They might look big enough but inside they arent especially triplets or quads.
    Most breeders follows this as this is how I was taught to avoid a train wreck.
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