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What about this story hour?

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Do we put Christian story hour in the same category as drag queen story hour?
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He has every right to be there too. After all it’s a Public Library.
Funny use of the word “too”. A parent might choose to take or not take their child to a Christian-centric, or Muslim-centric story hour at our public library. However, the “too” in your post is referencing that same scenario except with a perverse sexualized themed story hour, which no parent should have the option to take their children to in our public spaces. In fact, it’s worth debating whether the parent that chooses to do that in a private space should be prosecuted.

We may not all agree on politics or worship practices, but if we can’t all agree that it’s wrong to expose young children to sexual themes, then maybe it is time for us to split up.

Your side can take some of the states and base your hiring practices on identity quotas, rather than merit, teach your white children to hate themselves, sexually pervert your children, teach your male children to cut off their genitals and fear firearms, and teach them all to believe what CNN tells them to believe.

The rest of us will take the other states, and live in a country that can prosper.
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