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  1. Hi,

    I’m looking for a breed of sheep that is overall very hardy (good forager, disease resistant, etc.), easy birth/good mother, and is a dual purpose sheep (fiber & meat). I have considered Shetland sheep. Supposedly they are a more wild variety witch makes me think they are good at fending for themselves. Does anyone here raise Shetland sheep in the Northwest? If so, how do they deal with the wet conditions? How resistant are they to foot and wool rot? Thanks for your help. :)

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    Hi Jeff,

    Check out this web site for Shetland breeders lists. I do not know about the Shetland in the Northwest, but people breed them here. So I think they would do well.


    Other very hardy sheep that do well in the Northwest Clime are..
    Brecknock Hill Cheviot
    Border Cheviot

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    Jeff, if you are looking for something resistant to foot rot, check into Romneys. They are a little bigger than Shetlands, but it seems there is always a ready market for their wool with handspinners if you are looking to that market.

    Also, Shetlands are not witchy if handled properly and well -- a friend of mine has them and they come to the fence to have their chins scratched and will even wag their tails like dogs. I think it is all a matter of how they are treated that forms their personalities.