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Between Ottawa, Kansas and Ferguson, Missouri.

Over the weekend, an 18 year old was shot by police in Ottawa, Kansas, and later died from those injuries. As far as I can tell, the national press has ignored this story. Night and day from the response to the Ferguson shooting. It has been covered locally because Ottawa is not far from KC.

Part of the reason the crickets are chirping nationally is because there weren't any false reports circulated that this young man was shot in the back with hands in the air. That's what got the beehive buzzing in the Brown case, his homey's lies right after it happened. But you can't ignore the elephant in the room, that this dead young man appears to be white, so is that really why nobody outside of his family seems to care? An unarmed teenager shot dead by police is a pretty sensational story in and of itself, most days.

This case seems more questionable so far than the Brown case. There were two officers who confronted Jennings, so they had physical superiority. His aunt was on the scene, why didn't they let her try to talk him down? They had just dealt with him a few days before and should have known he was suicidal. But in spite of all this, they put a lot of bullets into him.

One case generates attention from around the world, the other one, the family grieves in anonymity.

It's a good thing nobody ever tried to convince me that life is fair, or I'd be pretty disillusioned right about now.

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I'm sure the Obama administration will make up for it.....

Perhaps they can send (4) W.H. dignitaries to his funeral,

instead of just the (3) that were sent for Browns?
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If it doesn't fit the media's preconceived narrative of how the world works, they're not interested. Why would they report something of such little importance as a white person killed by white police, or a black kid killed by another black. Neither story helps further their agenda.

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Want to see the list of White police officers shot dead by Black men in the past three months?

> Does
> anyone remember Detective Melvin Santiago? He was a
> Jersey City police
> officer who was shot to death just a month ago, on July
> 13th.
> Santiago was white. His killer, Lawrence Campbell, was
> black. Does
> anyone recall Obama appearing before national television and
> calling for justice
> for Officer Santiagos family? Does anyone recall Eric
> Holder rushing to
> Jersey City to see that justice was done?
> How about Officer Jeffrey
> Westerfield. He was a Gary, Indiana police officer who
> was shot to death
> last month on July 6th. Westerfield was white.
> His killer, Carl
> LeEllis Blount, Jr. was black. Where was Obama?
> Where was
> Holder?
> Or Officer Perry Renn? He was an Indianapolis, Indiana
> police officer who was shot to death just last month on July
> 5th, the day before
> Officer Westerfield was killed. Officer Renn was
> white. His killer,
> Major Davis, was black. I don't recall any mention
> by Obama about the
> untimely death of Officer Renn. And, I doubt that Eric
> Holder rushed to
> Indianapolis to make sure justice was done. Or, maybe
> I just missed
> it.
> Vermillion Parish Deputy Sheriff Allen Bares was gunned down
> by two
> men just last June 23rd in Louisiana. Deputy Bares was
> white. His
> two killers, Quintlan Richard and Baylon Taylor, were
> black. Was Obama
> outraged? Did Eric Holder rush to Louisiana to make
> sure that the family
> of Deputy Bares found justice?
> Right here in our own state, Detective
> Charles Dinwiddie of the Killeen (Texas) Police Department
> was murdered by
> Marvin Lewis Guy, a black male. Officer Dinwiddie was
> white. This
> happened on May 11th, just over two months ago. I
> don't even recall seeing
> anything about that on the news. Certainly, the white
> citizens in Killeen
> didn't take to the streets to loot and burn
> businesses. Again, I don't
> recall any mention by Obama or Holder.
> Then, there is Officer Kevin
> Jordan of the Griffin, Georgia Police Department. He
> was gunned down just
> two months ago on May 31st. Officer Jordan was
> black. His killer,
> Michael Bowman, was white. This was a white man
> murdering a black police
> officer. Where was Jesse Jackson? Where was
> "The Reverend" Al
> harpton? Was there looting and burning on the streets
> of Griffin,
> Georgia? No. In fact, I don't recall hearing
> about this one in the
> news, as well. Why? You can draw your own
> conclusions.
> Over
> the past 60 days, there have been five reported deaths of
> police officers by
> gunshot in the US. Of those, four were white officers
> who were murdered by
> black men. Blacks complain that white officers threat
> black men more
> aggressively on the street. You can draw your
> own conclusions on
> that one, as well.
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