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Sorry to have not been around much lately, life is very busy and we had phone line problems. Let's see if I can update all of you. Friday was our wedding anniversary. Cale surprised me by coming home from work early and taking me out to lunch and for a drive in the country. Friday evening I had to take Brady to his 4-H Shooting Sports Club. He likes to shoot at clay pigeons. I wanted to take pictures but forgot my camera. I like to watch him, but mostly I go so I can talk to people!

One of Brady's friends came over and spent the night and they went 4-wheeler riding on Saturday. Cale went along, but he rode his horse. They said that worked well. I spent the day Saturday canning green beans, making pickles and grating zucchini as well as doing laundry. Saturday evening I took the kids to the rodeo at the Rafter M Arena. The Rodeo/Arena is owned by friends of ours. We even had free tickets. Stayed there too late as we had to talk to people after the rodeo.

Sunday morning was church, then Sunday afternoon the girls and I went to my nieces bridal shower which was a tea party. It was neat, but a little too hot for hot tea.

Monday I did more laundry and Lindsey's vo-ag teacher came to see the lambs. He said they are looking pretty good. So hopefully they will both make weight. Monday evening I had to clean the chicken barns as we have fleas, hopefully they are all gone, nasty things fleas! I drenched myself with the hose afterwards and jumped in the pool. Yesterday I had to take Brady to equipment fitting for football. Then I had to take him to the doctor as he has a sore throat. Today was football pictures, was there three hours in the hot sun waiting. Whoever set up the schedule was overly optimistic as to timing and it was about 90 degrees!

So that is my life lately, too busy and not enough time for the computer. I guess not many times have I gone from shooting-to rodeos-to tea parties in the course of 48 hours.

Here are some pictures:[email protected]/
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