Went squirrel hunting today and got.....

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  1. ...one heck of a workout!!!! :help:

    My legs are so soar right now I can't hardly stand on them. I live here in the very northeast corner of Oklahoma where the Ozark foot hills is located. I'm glad it isn't the actual Ozarks! I took a dog that I have been trying to train and for the first time we actually made it out when the squirrels were out running around. A 47 year old fat man trying to keep up with a young dog just doesn't work out to well. But out of about 10 squirrels we saw, the dog treed 3 of them. I shot 2 of them, and only found one to take home. What happen to the second one? I don't know! :shrug: The dog chased it up the hill toward me and it ran up a tree just right out in front of me. The squirrel was high up in the tree but since I was up on a hill it was just almost level with me. I shot it and it curled up and fell behind the tree. At that moment I saw another squirrel take off running and I followed it with my gun waiting for it to stop running long enough for me to squeeze a shot off. It never did stop, so I went down to the tree to retreive the other squirrel. When I got down there I couldn't find it anywhere. By that time my dog was treeing another squirrel back on top of the hill. By the time I got back up there she had done gave up on the tree and left.

    I'm gonna be hurtin tomorrow! :help:
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    May 30, 2006
    what kind of dog you hunting with? i got a young elkhound named grizz that i am trying to hunt a bit now.deer season ended yesterday and i have till the end of january to hunt squirrel with him.he is a very alert dog.so far he has become a good adventure companion.

  3. It's a Hinds57 Mutt! But it has a lot of airdale in it. Someone dumped her off here close to my house and she made herself at home. At first I was gonna give her a case of lead poisoning but then she started chasing the cats off. (Stray drop offs also) That's when I decided she just might make a good squirrel dog if I do a little trainning. Just one problem, seems I can't find the time to train her. I've had her around for almost a year now and I'm just now doing a little trainning. I'm hoping she will get the hang of it cause I plan on doing a lot of road hunting with her.

    Tomorrow morning she will think she is going squirrel hunting again when I load her up. But she's really going to the vet to get spaded! :)
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    r.h. ... Have you tried out your idea with the bicycle yet? I envy you. I live in Midwest City & have to drive quite a ways to hunt. I have a few places fairly near, but its still a 30- 45min drive to them. I own 17 acres in S.E. OK, near Antlers, & I'm looking foward to retiring down there sometime after May, when my wife will be able to retire. Its too bad that I can't use my air rifle on the bushytails here in my city back yard, as we have a very healthy population that really like my garden...even in winter.
  5. No Bgak47 I haven't got to try it yet. It's ready to go. The other day I bought a ATV gun rack and modified it to fit on the bicycle handle bars. I placed a rifle in it and rode it around in my front yard to see how well it worked. Should have seen my neighbors and anyone that happen to drive by!!!! What stare's I was getting! :rolleyes:

    Anyhoo! I guess it's going to be a couple of weeks before I get to try it out. My squirrel dog won't get her stitches out till a week from next Monday. Not to mention this next weekend we are suppose to get a artic cold blast. Anymore I huddle by the fire when it's cold. But hopefully in a couple of weekends me and ole' Mollie (the dog) can go try out our roadhunting trip when she gets them stitches removed.

    I can hardly wait till squirrel season opens back up in May. That's when you see them crossing the roads by the 100's. Load up on them young one's for the frying pan.