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Walked out the front door this morning to get something out of the jeep and I counted 4 small gray squirrels and 2 red fox squirrels all skipping around in the yard looking for more of last years walnuts. They didn't even run for the tree's. I thought to myself "Gee, I think I could hit some of those with my bow and arrows".

Well I went back into the house and retrieved my recurve and 3 small game arrows. I came back outside and shot 3 times, and then I retrieved my arrows and shot 3 more times. Never hit one squirrel. All of them ran up in the tree's chattering away at me.

Squirrels: 6 points
Me: 0 points

I did feel good about myself even tho I missed every shot. Some of those shots were just barely misses. Had they been a big deer I would have made some great shots.

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:) At least you tried, and it sounds like you got close!

That's one thing we don't have in our area..........the trees are too far and few. They do hang out in town though.
Good luck to you next time r.h.. :)

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I have a small spring creek behind my house. I promised my little darlings that today on there last day of summer vacation we would play on the creek all day and catch crawdads for supper. In which we caught a bunch.

But while doing this we saw squirrels all up and down the creek. Some would be down on the ground close to the edge of the water just a few feet away from us. As if they were saying "Nah, nah, na, nah, na" "you can't shoot us, you don't have a gun, nah, nah, na, nah, na!"

Just wait a few days when I have another chance to play on the creek again. I'll be locked and loaded!
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