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Discussion in 'Shop Talk' started by woolyfluff, Dec 14, 2005.

  1. woolyfluff

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    May 23, 2004
    How do you get a well pump in the house to quick runnung all the time only 3 years old we draw from spring 1000 ft away the last time I turned the screw on top of pump BUT I don't remember which way to turn it HELP
  2. fordson major

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    Jul 12, 2003
    east ont canada
    whats the pressure in the air tank?sounds like it may be water logged.

  3. agmantoo

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    May 22, 2003
    Zone 7
    As stated above, water logged, or inlet clogged, pump impellers worn, or broken water line or pressure switch inlet clogged. Close the water off at the outlet side of the pump. If it continues to run the plumbing to the house and inside the home is OK. Either put some air into the tank or check to determine if the bladder is ruptured depending on the type tank you have. Remove the pressure switch and see that the hole in the fitting at the base is not clogged. Go to the spring and determine if the inlet to the pump is clogged causing the pressure to never build. One of the above will repair the problem most likely since the pump is not but 3 years old. If you have been pumping a lot of sand you may have to replace the pump or lower the pressure setting as you are attempting to do by fiddling with the screw on the pressure switch. Leave this adjusting to the last resort.