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Winter squash has been looking good up until a few days ago when downy mildew rolled in. It affected, so far, only one variety...buttercup. The extension agent told me that if the fruit was anywhere near mature, I'd still get a harvest. Hope it doesn't get to the others...carnival (acorn type), delicata, butternut and spaghetti, as I am planning on them for my CSA.
Powdery mildew on my second planting of zucchini which just started producing about two weeks ago.
Good potatoes this year...not quite the amount of beans I'd expected, but the last planting should be ready in another week or so. Tomatoes are finally beginning to turn a little...a few peppers also that were eaten early by the woodchuck, and no eggplants (also woodchuck gourmet food). Chinese cabbage looks good...more people should try it.
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