It's a homestead ... if something isn't broke, it soon will be. In the meantime, there's 101 projects still awaiting your attention, on any given day. No idea of where to start? Before the internet, it was just you and the fence-post, and some days it felt like the fence-post knew more than you, but it just wasn't talking.

With the internet resources out there, and more specifically, the search engines, you can tackle that problem or project! So, you have a question ...

Just Google it (but don't actually use Google)

When we first used Google years ago, it was fun and useful; we never knew where the searches would lead us. Then, they started obfuscating the links to what you needed, so you couldn't just cut & paste the link. Somewhere in there, they started tracking our search items; it's somewhat creepy to see that the thing you just searched for is now following you around in various advertisements on other websites.

Startpage is a privacy-based search engine; they use Google in a programmatic way to get your search results, but they don't track you or the results. That's more like it ... we quickly throw our search terms into the main page search box, and the results have two tabs at the top that we care about: WEB and IMAGES.

We use the WEB side of the search to quickly scan for information about the thing we are researching. We use the IMAGES side of the search to quickly find pictures of that same thing; the images tab has (what seems like) thousands of images of the thing you searched for. Between these two key sources of information, we've got the goods on whatever it is that is broken, or that will become planning for a project.

So, what sites are we visiting to get things done?

Websites/Forums for Homestead Tasks
  • Homesteading Today: Our day starts with Homesteading Questions, Homestead Construction, Work-at-home Business, Shop Talk, Alternative Energy, ... it's almost easier to list what we don't visit, which isn't much! We even spend time in General Chat ... if it pushes a button for someone, we find out about it here!
  • Tractors: Every homestead, large or small, has one (or wants one) ... these folks keep our tractor running ... MyTractorForum
  • Generators: We're off-grid, and this is a key component of our power generation; unfortunately, we're rural ... no "authorized dealer" nearby to maintain it for us, or they'll charge an arm and a leg just to come out. So, we go here ... Generac
  • Software: for the homestead PC's ... Chocolatey
That last one may seem a little weird, but it's one of the ways we keep up with what's happening in the software world; if someone has produced or updated a nifty software package, there's a good chance it's in this list. For more explanation, see this HT article on Chocolatey software, and how it can help with your computers.

Look at that list ... we're hitting dozens of sub-groups on HT to get through our day, and just one or two at other forums. HT represents many very smart folks, most of whom don't realize how much they help the rest of us with all this homesteading stuff. We hope you continue to work HT, with your answers and questions, regardless of what hoops the forum industry, computers, and others throw in your way! Because asking the fence-post isn't cutting it for us ...

This isn't everything on our homestead, and isn't meant to be ... but perhaps it could be! What websites, forums, and such are you visiting these days, each and every morning or evening, and how is it helping you on your homestead? Add the good stuff in your comments!

Author biography: The author and his family live on a homestead in southern Colorado, and couldn't imagine getting through the day without Homesteading Today and many other fine forums and websites. We eat our own dog-food here (practice what we preach), and between HT and Startpage ... we actually know what we're doing (most of the time) ... on the homestead!